Agenda item

Clapham Common (Clapham Common/Clapham Town) 20/00056/RG3

Officer’s recommendations:


1.    Resolve to grant conditional planning permission.


2.    Agree to delegate authority to the Assistant Director of Planning, Transport and Development to finalise the recommended conditions as set out in this report, addendums and/or PAC minutes.


Case No. 20/00056/RG3 (agenda item four, page 43 of the agenda pack, page five of the addendum and page two of the second addendum).


The Planning Officer gave a presentation which included a summary of the report and subsequent addenda that had been published on Thursday 7 May 2020 and the day of the meeting. Members were advised of the key material planning issues for consideration and noted that the application included cross borough events, where the western side of the Common was part of Wandsworth Council, and the eastern side was part of Lambeth Council. There had been a decrease in the quantity of events and event days since temporary consent was first granted four years ago. The major and large music events would be held in the northern section of the Common on the hardstanding and amenity grass areas to protect nature and biodiversity. The other large events would be held in the southern section. Due to Covid-19, three events had already been cancelled, but would still form part of the application. Festival Republic was a new event which had replaced SW4 and Lets Rock, and would emulate the previous events infrastructure. All events would comply with noise levels as set out in the Events Strategy, which would be monitored through licensing. The Transport and Highways would continue as per previous years, with lessons learnt from cycle parking, taxi and way finding. Coronavirus legislation was outside the scope of the Planning system, but it would impact on whether the event would take place. If an event could take place, condition 18 would secure details of impacts associated with Covid-19 legislation and guidance measures.


Following the officer’s presentation, a Planning Officer read aloud a written representation from the applicant, which provided the following information in support of the application:

·         The EventLambeth team were still going through the approval process and were working within the Government and PHE Guidance.

·         This was the fourth Planning application submitted, and lessons learnt had been applied to the application.

·         All events went through a detailed process before they were given permission, which varied depending on the scale and assessed risk.

·         Events that would have over 499 people onsite at any one time required a premises licence advertised in the local newspaper, via public notices and the Council website.

·         EventLambeth revised its event strategy following the consultation in 2019.


A Planning Officer read aloud a written representation submitted by Councillor Joanna Reynolds, Ward Councillor for Clapham Common. It was noted:

·      Concerns about Festival Republic’s event dates and the lack of detailed information in the planning application. She objected to the event as residents would need the Common for their leisure time due to the current pandemic situation.

·         The hard surfaced site on Clapham Common should be used as much as possible.


Officers then provided the following information in response to questions from Members:

·         The scheme would follow the requirements of the Coronavirus Act 2020 and ensure public safety within the event as well as transport to the event. A detailed plan would be submitted to the application team prior to the events, to ensure issues, such as queuing, were within the guidelines.

·         The scheme included the promotion of cycling to the event as part of condition 10. Reports from previous years showed a significant spare capacity of cycle parking spaces. The applicant was required to submit further detail of cycle parking at a later stage, if the application were approved.

·         The events that were already cancelled would be considered as part of the application, albeit not going ahead.

·         Cross boundary events with Wandsworth Council were included in the application, but conditions could not be decided by the Lambeth Planning Service for sites that were located on the Wandsworth side of Clapham Common.

·         A condition stipulated that the major and large music event would be within the allocated event space as shown within the application submission.


The Committee considered points raised by speakers and information provided by officers in conjunction with the report before making the following observation:

·         Members were pleased with the different measures suggested to increase the take up of cycling as a mode of transport to the events.


It was MOVED by Councillor Wilcox, SECONDED by Councillor Kind, and


RESOLVED, by six votes for to one against


1.    To GRANT conditional planning permission.


2.    To delegate authority to the Assistant Director of Planning, Transport and Development to finalise the recommended conditions as set out in the report, addendums and/or PAC minutes.



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