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Lambeth Together


Andrew Eyres, Strategic Director Integrated Health and Care, presented this item directing Board members toward the presentation provided, which drew out the critical work that was being done.

There were over 20 outcomes identified in the Borough Plan, eight of which were being delivered by Lambeth Together directly. There were an additional 17 outcomes where Lambeth Together was involved indirectly in delivery.

Lambeth Together was a way of working together (the Lambeth Together way), organising services around people and places (the Delivery Alliance) and bringing things together as a whole system delivered through a single budget and business plan (Strategic Alliance and Leadership).

The Delivery Alliances were comprised of the Living Well Network Alliance, Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Delivery Alliance, Children and Young people Alliance and Complex Personalised Support.

The Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Delivery Alliance was likely to be the most complex Alliance as it involved bringing together a raft of partners. The vision was to improve the Health and Wellbeing of local services through an integrated ways of working from Borough to Neighbourhood and local people.

Community Neighbourhood nursing services were transitioning to smaller self-managed teams. Nine Primary Care Networks (PCN) had been established to encourage greater collaboration between primary care practices. 

Joint working has taken places between the NHS staff and community liaison workers and Portuguese speaking community organisations.

Over 120 health and care professionals had been trained to work in interdisciplinary ways, resulting in greater confidence in care coordination and enhanced patient care, leadership, team working, self-care and resilience.

80 community connectors at street and neighbourhood level had been developed under Project Smith and this had shown demonstrable benefits and a social return on investment of between £1.31 and £5.32 for every £1 spent.

From April the Lambeth Together Strategic Board would be in place.

The Diversity of voices needed to be improved and there was much to be done in terms of engagement.

It had been proposed that the change to new governance arrangements provided an opportunity to refresh the Lambeth Together Pledge.

The Chair asked Richard Davis from Integrate Agency to address the Board to talk about the integration work being done by the agency. Integrate had carried out a listening exercise asking what an organisation that was looking after the communities needed to do. People had been visited and there had been borough level surgeries every two weeks. There had been surgeries with Portuguese groups and efforts were being made to meet other groups who in the past had not been engaged.

Following Comments from the Board it was noted that:

  • Integrate had grown organically and had 1400 contacts. Newsletters had been circulated.
  • Integrate were working closely with Lambeth Made. Work had also been done on serious youth violence.


A question was received from Ms Nicola Kingston and she was asked to address this to the Board. She noted that:

The Lambeth Patient Participation Group (PPG) was being closed down and the members had been told that they would be involved in discussion of the £74k that was being spent. It was asked if this was the case. Ms Kingston asked if the group could be involved in the future decision making for that money and sought assurance that they be involved in coming up with options and discussions as to how decisions are made.

Ms Kingston noted the two papers that had been sent out for the engagement in the single CCP and one in the integrated care system going forward. No borough based meetings had yet taken place.

The Board commented:

The board agreed with the views of Ms Kingston. Existing ways of working were coming to an end and this allowed the chance to do things differently. The south East London integrated care system engagement papers had not worked as an opportunity but these were not the finished article and could be improved.

The papers had been circulated at an early stage and views on the papers were sought. It would be checked if these had been sent to the PPG.

Whilst it was sad that the PPG network was finishing the PPG itself wasn’t going and opportunities existed and should be seized.


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