Agenda item

Morleys Fried Chicken, 9 Hopton Parade, Streatham High Road, London, SW16 6EP (Streatham Wells)


Presentation by the Licensing Officer


The Sub-Committee was informed that this was an application for a variation of a premises licence. The Sub-Committee’s attention was drawn to chapters 2, 3, 8, 9 and 10 of the Statutory Guidance and Sections 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 16 of the Statement of Licensing Policy as the ones particularly relevant to this application. The options available to the Sub-Committee were set out in paragraph 6.2 of the report on page 91 of the agenda papers.


The Licensing Officer confirmed:


·      This was an application to vary a premises licence

·      The application was seeking to extend its operating hours until 05:00 on Friday and Saturday and until 04:00 Sunday to Thursday.

·      Representations had been received from the Licensing team, Public Protection, Police and two residents.

·      Applicants were notified of the hearing and confirmation was sought on 11 February 2019 regarding attendance.

·      The application could be found on page 93 to 104 of the agenda papers and representations against the application could be found on pages 105 to 116 of the agenda papers. 



Presentation from interested parties


Sgt David Smith informed the Sub-Committee that:


·      He had nothing further to add to his representation.


Mr Alex Mckenna, resident, informed the Sub-Committee that:  


·      One of his concerns was the almost hands off approach the owners of the premises had in relation to running the premises.

·      The business was a chain.

·      The Council had a role to take a more active approach regarding engaging the owners of the premises and did not appear to be doing so.

·      The Council needed to explore penalties and engage the owners of the premises to highlight the deficiencies in the running of the premises.


Mr Michael Anderson, Public Protection Officer informed the Sub-Committee that:


·      The premises was known for anti-social behaviour in the past.


Ms Bina Patel, Licensing Manager, informed the Sub-Committee that:


·      There had been significant breaches on the conditions of the licence.

·      The premises was having a negative impact in the area.


In response to questions from Members, Ms Patel informed the Sub-Committee that:


·      On 27 October 2018, the premises had been observed to be trading past permitted hours.

·      The CCTV cameras were not functioning and this was a significant breach of the licensing conditions.


Adjournment and Decision


At 9.42pm, the Sub-Committee withdrew from the meeting together with the Legal adviser and clerk to deliberate in private. The Sub-Committee had heard and considered representations from all those who spoke. Legal advice was given to the Sub-Committee on the options open to them and the need for any decision to be proportionate. The Sub-Committee decided to refuse the application.


RESOLVED: To refuse the application.


Announcement of Decision


Members returned to the meeting and the Chair informed those present of the decision to refuse the application. The Sub-Committee had carefully considered all the representations made and had decided to refuse the application. Full written reasons would follow in due course. The Sub-Committee was convinced by the submissions made by the residents. The applicant was not here to attend and speak to the application. Full written reasons would follow in due course.



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