Agenda item

The Exhibition Rooms, 69-71 Westow Hill, London SE19 1TX (Gipsy Hill)


For this application Councillor John Kazantzis stepped down as a Member of the Sub-Committee and was replaced by Councillor Martin Tiedemann.


MOVED by Councillor Linda Bray, SECONDED by Councillor Martin Tiedemann and



That Councillor Fred Cowell be appointed as Chair.


Upon opening meeting, the applicant, Mr Patrick Steel informed the Sub-Committee that he was concerned that the details in the application could disclose the identity of the individual against whom a criminal allegation had been made.


PC Dave Watson stated that no details of the alleged offence would be disclosed at the meeting other than what had already been disclosed in the agenda papers (which were publicly available).


The Legal Officer informed that the Sub-Committee that the Hearing Regulations provides a power to exclude the press and the public from any part of the hearing if it was felt that doing so might prejudice an on-going live Police investigation.


At 7:20pm, the Sub-Committee decided to exclude the press and public for the hearing of this application.

Adjournment and Decision

At 8:04pm, the Sub-Committee withdrew from the meeting together with the Legal adviser and clerk to deliberate in private. The Sub-Committee had heard and considered representations from all those who spoke.

Legal advice was given to the Sub-Committee on the options open to them and the need for any decision to be proportionate. The Sub-Committee decided to not to issue a counter notice.

RESOLVED: To not issue a counter notice.

Announcement of Decision

Members returned to the meeting and the Chair informed those present of the decision. The Sub-Committee had carefully considered all the representations made and had decided not to issue a counter notice. 

The Sub-Committee decided not to issue a counter notice and therefore the temporary event would go ahead. The Sub-Committee stressed that the notice giver’s temporary event could be taken into consideration if it was to consider an application for a premises licence.  What the notice giver had committed to orally would have a bearing on how the Sub-Committee would consider any future application. The Sub-Committee would encourage the notice giver to work with the Police and the Licensing team to help him deliver the licensed premises he had described.


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