Agenda item



The Mayor congratulated Councillor Lib Peck on her appoint to the Mayor’s new violence reduction unit after six years of leading Lambeth Council and having been a Councillor for 17 years, he reminded Council that when she was elected she won by just five votes. The Mayor thanked Councillor Peck for all her support she gave him over the years including those many years when he was deputy for housing. He wished her every success in her new role.


The Mayor reminded Council about his forthcoming events:

On 4 February 2019 the Mayor will be hosting a small reception in the Mayor’s Parlour for friends and colleagues of past Mayor Mark Bennett to mark five years since his death.


5 February 2019, the Mayor will be holding the first ever joint civic service with the Mayor of Southwark, at Southwark Cathedral.


24 February 2019 the Mayor will be re-running the Gay Times tango that was first held in the assembly rooms in 1975 on 24 February by the Gay Liberation Front in what was a prelude to what went on to be London Pride. He was pleased that London Pride were working in partnership with the Council along with the Two Brewers and Gay Times.


On 1 March 2019, another first, the Mayor will be hosting a Mayor’s Pokemon Go reception.


The Mayor read out the following statement on behalf of Councillor Tim Briggs,

“I accept that Councillor Bartley did not say that a vote for Brexit was racist. The recurrent theme of Councillor Bartley’s speech was that if Brexit went ahead, it would open the floodgates to a tide of racism and nationalism and that our country rejected and fought the hard right and fascism 80 years ago and we will not allow their poisonous politics to take hold in Britain today. This new piece of hysterical project fear nonsense led to my assumption that Councillor Bartley believed that the majority of people that voted for Brexit had racist motives for doing so and I apologise for any misunderstanding.”



Councillor Ed Davie made the following statement on behalf of Councillor Valcarcel “As Disability Champion of the Council; I am delighted to show you tonight the plaque presented to the Council by Accessible to celebrate our support for promoting disabled access to buildings across the borough. Accessible, formerly known as Disabled Go, carry out very detailed audits of venues and publish the details on their website. This enables disabled people to plan visits confident in what they will find when they get there. Council buildings, schools, pharmacies, GPs and hospitals have already been audited. We hope that more community halls would be audited as part of the local investment plans / projects for each ward. The Southbank BID is commencing an audit of all its buildings and the public realm. The New Town Hall is listed on the Accessible website with full details of the steps list and the changing places toilet. I have asked the Chief Executive to arrange for this plaque to be installed in the Civic Centre in next few days. I would like to thank Councillor Meldrum who introduced Disabled Go for Lambeth.”