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Healthier High Streets Scrutiny Commission Report

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Portfolio: Cabinet Member for Healthier and Stronger Communities: Councillor Mo Seedat


Report Authorised by: Sue Foster: Strategic Director for Neighbourhoods and Growth


Contact for Information: Jamie Akinola, Head of Community Safety, Neighbourhoods & Growth, 0207 926 8976,



(All Wards)


The Chair explained that this was the second and final action plan update in relation to a Commission established in 2013.


In response to questions, Doug Perry, Associate Director, Commissioning, Environment, Ruth Hutt, Director of Public Health and Councillor Mohammad Seedat, Cabinet Member for Healthier and Stronger Communities (job share), confirmed that:

·         In relation to recommendation 8, a polite notice would be displayed on the main play area gates requesting users not to smoke.  Park Wardens would be located in the park to show people the signs and encourage them to put out their cigarettes if they were seen smoking. The Chair stressed that the way the notice was phrased could have a big impact on its effectiveness and urged officers to research this carefully.

·         A number of other boroughs had already placed signage in their council parks and this would be reviewed by the Council.

·         It was important to take a softer approach initially before considering something like a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO)

·         There was a feeling that smokers using electronic cigarettes should be treated the same as normal cigarettes and should also be discouraged from smoking, particularly in indoor spaces and licensed establishments as its effects were currently unknown, though it was acknowledged that this was a contested area.

·         Stringent measures in terms of smoking were welcomed.  However, consideration of the licensing policy should be made to ascertain what conversations the Council had with licensed premises holders regarding serving food in outdoor areas where children were located.  The Council also needed to consider further co-operation with licence holders to prevent smoking outside to encourage the benefits of having smoke-free areas to protect children.

·         Mixed views existed as to whether the cumulative impact zone (CIZ) implemented within the borough had been effective. It was acknowledged that the CIZ had introduced an extra hurdle in terms of the licensing process and that there had been a reduction in vertical drinking establishments; furthermore, crime had reduced in the area, though this could also be down to work carried out by the Business Improvement District

·         The condition preventing the sale of single cans only applied to brand new licence applications.  More resources would need to be allocated to work proactively with existing off licences to introduce conditions via voluntary measures or seek to review premises which resisted this

·         The opening hours of licensed establishments was currently being reviewed as part of the refresh of Lambeth’s Licensing Policy.

·         The ‘Healthier Catering Commitments’ initiative that commenced in 2012 was considered to be a good scheme.  However, limited resources within the Council were available to encourage outlets to adopt the scheme.  Public demand existed for further healthy eating which provided an opportunity for busier outlets to promote this and an opportunity also existed for the Council to work with other partners to promote healthy eating but a decision was needed on how to engage with families.

·         In addition to healthy eating, the Director of Public Health believed more could be done to promote water as a healthy drink. It was suggested that Thames Water could be asked to contribute in some way towards establishing a network of water fountains as part of a wider customer service response to the recent incidents (see item 3 above) 

·         Regarding the Money Champions Programme that commenced in 2014, little data had been captured by the Council that documented the success of the scheme as Money Champions were volunteers and therefore there was a light tough approach to performance indicators.


RESOLVED: That the third review of the action plan (Appendix 1) be noted.



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RESOLVED: That the meeting continue for a further period of up to 15 minutes.



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