Agenda item

340A Clapham Road (Larkhall) 16/06668/FUL

Officer’s recommendations:

1.     Grant conditional planning permission subject to the satisfactory completion of a Section 106 Agreement.

2.     Agree to delegate authority of the Director of Planning and Development to:


-     Finalise the recommended conditions as set out in this report; and

-     Negotiate, agree and finalise the planning obligations as set out in this report pursuant to Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

3.     Delegate authority to the Assistant Director of Planning and Development to refuse planning permission in the event that the Section 106 Agreement is not completed (by 2nd May 2017) on the grounds that the development would have an unacceptable impact on – affordable housing; transport and highways; sustainability and local labour in construction.  

4.     In the event that the committee resolves to refuse planning permission and there is a subsequent appeal, delegated authority is given to Officers, having regard to the heads of terms set out in the report, to negotiate and complete a Section 106 Agreement in order to meet the requirements of the Planning Inspector.



Case no. 16/06668/FUL (agenda item five, page 99 of the agenda, page five of the first addendum and page four of the second addendum)


The Planning Officer gave a presentation which included a summary of the report and subsequent addenda that had been published on Friday 17 March and on the day of the meeting.  Members were advised of the material planning considerations which included the demolition of the existing building, the erection of a building up to nine storeys tall, the provision of a café, office space and residential uses, the redevelopment currently underway in the area and the provision of amenity space. Members were shown diagrams displaying the existing and proposed plans, sightlines and floorplans.


Following the officer’s presentation, the applicant’s representative stated that:

·         The application was the result of two years of work, a year of consultation and frequent consultation with Ward Councillors.  Where there had been concerns, revisions had been made.

·         The proposed development would include family homes and would provide on-site shared ownership housing.

·         The application would complete the development of this section of Clapham Road.

·         The tenant currently occupying the building was satisfied with the development and would relocate staff to prevent loss of employment.

·         New homes and jobs would be provided as a result of the proposal.


In response to questions from Members, officers stated that:

·         Discussions were had throughout the application on how to maximise the affordable housing offer.  The constrained nature of the site presented issues in providing additional affordable housing, as Registered Providers generally requested a separate access for rented units which would reduce the amount of affordable housing.  The level of affordable housing at 19% had been independently verified and the level provided was higher than the amount assessed as viable at 16%.  There would be a review mechanism to take into account any uplift in value.

·         The possibility of providing a separate core at the front of the building for affordable housing had been investigated.  However, it was not suitable and Registered Providers had raised concerns.

·         The café unit on the ground floor would activate the frontage and provided connectivity in the site.

·         The proposal was a mixed use scheme and complied with policy on retaining employment space.  The office space would provide employment space for SMEs and research with local estate agents had demonstrated that there was demand.

·         The applicant had won NLA awards for enterprise space at other schemes.

·         The application met standards of design excellence.  The height of the building had been discussed at length and it had been decided to locate the highest point towards the front of the site, with the rear of the site being closer in height to the neighbouring Notting Hill Housing scheme.  The proposal would sit comfortably within the street scene.

·         There would be no detrimental impact on nearby heritage buildings.

·         The scheme would have grey brick on the frontage and a lighter brick towards the rear of the building, although the precise materials had not yet been confirmed.  This would complement the materials of the neighbouring developments.  Members could specify the colouring of materials through an informative.

·         The sharing of the plant between the office and residential uses had been used successfully at other schemes by the applicant.  There was sufficient capacity at the site.

·         Cooling would be required in the office space and a condition required details of the cooling system to be provided.


[At 22:00 the Committee elected to proceed with the meeting for a further 45 minutes in order to conclude the remaining matters of business.]


The committee considered points raised by the applicant and information provided by officers in conjunction with the report before making the following observations:

·         The application was positive and would provide much-needed workspace for start-ups.  It would provide a better use of the land than at present.

·         The site was constrained and as a result a number of compromises had to have been made, such as around the quantum of affordable housing.

·         Choosing a warmer tone of brick would be ideal.  An informative should be added to request that regard is paid to neighbouring buildings when deciding on the materials and the grille should be designed to the highest standards.

·         Issues around disabled parking had emerged late in the application and were difficult to accommodate.

·         Once the redevelopment of the area, including this application, was complete, there would be a considerable improvement of the streetscape.

·          The affordable housing offer was unacceptable, in terms of the number of affordable units and the tenure split.

·         Providing employment use and the active frontage of the café was beneficial to the area.

·         The informative on materials should also ensure that grilles on the street frontage be designed to ensure a high quality frontage.


It was MOVED by Councillor Gentry, SECONDED by Councillor Seedat, and


RESOLVED, by five votes to two


To grant planning permission subject to conditions outlined in the officer’s report, the completion of a Section 106 agreement and the following:

Informative to request that regard is paid to neighbouring buildings when materials are selected and that the grille is designed to ensure a high quality frontage.

Supporting documents: