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This page lists the meetings for Cabinet.

Information about Cabinet

Terms of reference

1.            To discharge all the functions of the authority except:


(a)  those matters which are required by law to be discharged by the full Council; and,


(b)  all 'local choice' functions set out in Part 2 of the authority's Constitution which the Council decides should be undertaken by itself rather than the Cabinet.


2.            To implement the Council’s policies and spending in accordance with the policy framework and budget.


3.            To make recommendations on major policy and resource matters to Council for decision, and ensure that full and proper consultation occurs on all such proposals.


4.            To give political direction and guidance to and monitor the performance of the Council.


5.            To provide political accountability for the Council’s performance to the Council and the Overview & Scrutiny Committee.


6.            To foster and improve the Council’s performance as a partner with other stakeholders.


7.            To support, promote and monitor the application of the Cooperative Council Principles.



The Leader of the Council, Deputy Leaders of the Council and the seven  other Cabinet portfolio holders.