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    (Report 183/11-12 and appendix)


    Non-key decision

    All Wards


    Cabinet Member for Culture, Sport and the 2012 Games

    Executive Director for Adults’ and Community Services


    Contact: Mike Wiltshire Strategy Manager, 020 7926 6918

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    (Report 183/11-12 and appendix) (Non-key decision)


    This item was taken alongside Agenda Item 5 (Lambeth Libraries Commission – political context) and the combined minute of the discussion is presented here.


    The Cabinet Member for Culture, Sport and the 2012 Games introduced the report. She highlighted the importance of the libraries to local communities and the support they provided to local residents and organisations. On behalf of the Cabinet, she thanked the commission for their work, officers for their support of the commission and all those who had contributed. She stated that the report provided a good basis for the Council to develop its policies. Finally, she asked Cabinet to note that the report should have stated that there was also a submission from the Friends of West Norwood Library.


    Laura Swaffield, Chair of the Friends of Lambeth Libraries and a Libraries Commissioner, addressed Cabinet. She thanked the Cabinet Member for organising the commission and stated that she considered much had been gained from the exercise and that it was a good framework for Council action. She highlighted the importance of now involving staff more in the plans for developing the service.


    Sue Charteris, Libraries Commissioner, addressed Cabinet. She highlighted that the strong evidence base to the report provided a good foundation to ensure that the developed plans would be appropriate. She welcomed the commission as a genuine exercise in co-production.


    OlusegunOpanuga, Chair of Friends of West Norwood Library, addressed Cabinet and expressed concern that the library was still shut for repairs after a number of months and that the temporary library was not suitable. The Leader of the Council promised that a written response would be provided to ensure residents knew the current timescales for the repairs and that officers would consider ideas for other temporary sites.


    Councillor Jennifer Brathwaite addressed Cabinet welcoming the report and supporting the Council’s commitment to the Upper Norwood Library despite Croydon Council looking to pull out of the joint agreement.


    Councillor Kingsley Abrams addressed Cabinet and welcomed that the Minet Library was not listed for closure. He urged Cabinet to properly protect and maintain the vital public library service.


    Councillor Jeremy Clyne, Spokesperson for the Majority Opposition Group, addressed Cabinet. He raised a number of issues, including:

    ·         Concern over the low level of involvement of staff

    • Other sources of funding such as the reserves should be investigated.
    • Questioning why only £4011.55 of £15.7 million Section 106 balances were earmarked for libraries.
    • That more of the archives should be on public display.


    Michael Ball, Waterloo Community Development Group, addressed Cabinet. He expressed concern that the commission had not adequately considered the needs of workers. He welcomed the idea of a community hub in Waterloo that included a library.


    Tim O’Dell, representing UNISON, addressed Cabinet. He highlighted a number of points including that:

    ·         Libraries had an important role to play in supporting all the Council’s main priorities.

    ·         Many of the proposals from the commission were welcome

    ·         Libraries already worked extensively  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Housing Commission - Update Report pdf icon PDF 125 KB

    (Report 182/11-13)


    Non-Key Decision

    All Wards


    Cabinet Member for Housing

    Executive Director for Housing, Regeneration and Environment


    Contact: Reniera O’Donnell 020 7926 3762


    (Report 182/11-12) (Non-key decision)


    The Cabinet Member for Housing introduced the report and highlighted the work being undertaken to involve tenants in developing housing priorities including the recently held tenants’ conference. She also reported on the need to provide tenants with more information on the impact to them of national welfare reform proposals.


    Ron Hollis, Chair of Tenants’ Council, addressed Cabinet. He highlighted a number of issues including:

    ·        Problems with leaseholders subletting their properties.

    ·        Concerns about the government’s new right to buy proposals.

    ·        It was essential to invest capital receipts back into the housing stock.

    ·        Residents had a great capacity to help shape policy when they were given full information and it was important to build their capacity to get involved.


    Councillor Jeremy Clyne, Spokesperson for the Majority Opposition Group, address Cabinet. He expressed concern that little information had been provided about the decision to borrow the maximum permitted amount allowed under the Housing Revenue Account self-financing regime. He welcomed the attempt to involve tenants in the decision making but expressed concern about some of the methods used.


    The Cabinet Member for Housing confirmed that lobbying had been undertaken to the Government about their plan to take 75% of right to buy receipts.




    To note progress made against the recommendations and that a further report be submitted, in September 2012, on progress against the one-year-on aspirations in the Housing Commission report.




Events in Parks and Open Spaces pdf icon PDF 111 KB

    (Report 181/11-12 and appendices)


    Key Decision

    All Wards


    Cabinet Member for Culture, Sport and the 2012 Games

    Executive Director for Adults’ and Community Services


    Contact: John Kerridge Assistant Director Communities - 020 7926 2744


    Additional documents:


    (Report 181/11-12 and appendices) (Key Decision – deadline for Call-in 02/12/2011)


    The Cabinet Member for Culture, Sport and the 2012 Games introduced the report and thanked the officers involved and all those who had contributed to the consultation.


    Councillor Shirley Cosgrave, Spokesperson for the Minority Opposition Group, addressed Cabinet. She thanked John Kerridge, Assistant Director Communities, for carefully consulting with lots of concerned groups and providing answers to their questions. She welcomed the new transparency in the charging framework. She urged the Council to ensure that interested groups were involved in the decision making around new applications and expressed concerns about a number of potential large events on Clapham Common in the summer of 2012.


    Councillor Helen O’Malley, Ward Councillor for Clapham Town Ward, addressed Cabinet. She welcomed the report but urged the Council to plan future events as much as possible expressing concern about the number of events planned for Clapham Common next summer. She asked whether all additional fees options had been considered.


    Councillor Jeremy Clyne, Spokesperson for the Majority Opposition Group, addressed Cabinet. He reported that:

    ·         He generally welcomed the report, in particular the greater involvement of community groups and Councillors

    ·         Neighbouring ward councillors should be consulted more regularly.

    ·         There were concerns the environmental access fee was still too low.

    ·         The charging structure should differ depending on the open space being used to reflect the focus of events on Clapham Common.

    ·         Officers should try and process small events faster.

    ·         Finally he asked whether the single firework display was actually costing as much as the three separate events that it replaced. Officers agreed to provide details on the costs and income of the fireworks display.


    In response to points raised, officers reported that:

    ·         They would always try and get the best possible solution for the Council and residents.

    ·         They would continue to monitor the fees charged and consider new ideas such as charges for television coverage.




    To agree:

    (1)     The protocols for managing applications for events.

    (2)     The charging framework for proposed events.

    (3)     A policy of not allowing commercial events, which include campsite facilities in Parks and Open Spaces.

    (4)     A framework for the holding of the annual fireworks display.