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Declaration of Pecuniary Interests

    Under Standing Order 4.4, where any councillor has a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest (as defined in the Members’ Code of Conduct (para. 4)) in any matter to be considered at a meeting of the Council, a committee, sub-committee or joint committee, they must withdraw from the meeting room during the whole of the consideration of that matter and must not participate in any vote on that matter unless a dispensation has been obtained from the Monitoring Officer.




    There were none.


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To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meeting held on:

-       23 January 2019

-       13 February 2019

-       17 July 2019  

Additional documents:


RESOLVED: That the minutes of the meeting held on 23 January 2019, 13 February 2019 and 17 July 2019 be signed and approved as a correct record of proceedings.




Petitions, PNQs and Deputations

    No public notice questions were received.


    Petitions will be presented at the meeting by Councillors.


    The deadline for the receipt of requests for a deputation is 5pm

    (insert date). Email:



    a)         Deputations


    1.    A deputation was made to Council about Lambeth Maintained Nursery School and issues relating to funding. Council noted that:

    ·         The speaker was passionate about children succeeding in life, and spoke about the manner in which teachers impact children’s lives.

    ·         Teachers were struggling because they did not have sufficient funding.

    ·         The speaker requested support in funding Lambeth Maintained Nursery Schools.


    The Deputy Cabinet Member for Schools,Councillor Pickard responded. Council noted that:

    ·         She thanked the speaker for a fantastic and moving speech that illustrated the fantastic work these nursery schools did for Lambeth children.

    ·         The funding was inadequate, and the schools depended on the temporary funding which ceases next summer.

    ·         She was campaigning along with NEU and parents for long term sustainable funding.

    ·         An invitation was sent to Gavin Williamson, the Secretary of State for Education, to visit the schools of Lambeth.


    2.    A deputation was made to Council about changing the supplementary Planning Guidance. Council noted that:

    ·         The speaker raised the issue of his personal circumstances relating to a planning issue.

    ·         The resident requested that the Council provided consistency and clarity from the Planning Authority and allow L-dormers to be legal.

    ·         That the actions of the Planning Authority on how they deal with enforcement be reviewed as he had a negative experience with his recent application.


    The Cabinet Member for Planning, Investment & New Homes,Councillor Bennett responded. Council noted that:

    ·         He thanked the resident for his deputation to Full Council and Councillor Dickson had also brought this to the attention of Council on various occasions.

    ·         In August, a different planning inspector had confirmed L shaped dormers were legal, and that the inconsistencies of planning inspectors across the country were due to poorly worded secondary legislation which regulated permitted development.

    ·         Those who had submitted an application that was rejected had been written to, informing of them of this change.


    b)        Petitions


    Council received three petitions:

    1. From Councillor Jon Davies, with 2177 signatures opposing the U+I and Fire brigade development.
    2. From Councillor Fred Cowell, with 77 signatures supporting West Norwood Businesses during the Thames Water mains replacement.
    3. From Councillor Maria Kay, with 19 signatures requesting CCTV in Ryan Court.


Cabinet Statement


    The Leader of the Council, Councillor Jack Hopkins, addressed Council. Council noted the following points:

    • That he attended Lambeth Borough Conference, met with residents, businesses, voluntary sector and community groups, discussing how far Lambeth had come in the last year, and how far Lambeth would go in the next year.
    • His work with Extinction Rebellion on tackling the Climate Emergency.
    • He mentioned the launch of the Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy, which was out for consultation.
    • That Brexit remains a pressing concern for EU citizens in Lambeth. On Saturday he met with EU citizens and groups who were working with different communities to ensure EU citizens were able to access the Right to Remain settlement status.
    • Councillor Seedat was working tirelessly against Hate Crime. Last week able to deliver funding for Divert Youth.


Opposition Statement


    Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Councillor Becca Thackray, addressed Council. Council noted the following points:

    • A film called Pride, based on the experience of Jonathan Blake from Lambeth, who forged a protest in the mid-1980s, where Lesbians and Gays supported the miners. The legacy of that unlikely alliance held well beyond the fractured era.
    • The Green Party were proud to support Extinction Rebellion and thanked the Council for enabling exile rebels to camp at Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, pushing the government to address the Climate Emergency.
    • She advised that Councillor Bartley had been arrested whilst defending our democracy and joining climate activists in White Hall speaking out against the banning of peaceful protest across London.
    • She concluded with the illustration of standing stronger united, in defending human rights during Black History month, with the image of Tommy Smith and John Carlos protesting for civil rights at the 1968 Olympics.


Questions from Councillors pdf icon PDF 259 KB


    1.    Councillor Becca Thackray to the Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care, Councillor Ed Davie:


    Supplementary question

    Councillor Thackray asked if the rise in adult social care fees was really worth it.


    Supplementary answer

    Councillor Davie responded that Lambeth had carefully benchmarked against neighbours and found that the Council was relatively generous. Consultation had finished and the Council had carefully considered responses.


    2.    Councillor Tim Briggs to the Deputy Leader of the Council (Children and Young People), Councillor Jennifer Brathwaite:

    Supplementary question
    Councillor Briggs asked if there had been any modelling on the  effect on school places  from migration from private schools.

    Supplementary answer
    Councillor Pickard responded on behalf of Councillor Brathwaite. If a large number of children would leave private schools, a commission would be set up to look into how the state would gradually take over existing private school buildings and turn them into new state schools, and there would be the same amount of spaces as before.

    3.    Councillor Jon Davies to Deputy Leader of the Council (Environment and Clean Air) Councillor Claire Holland:

    Supplementary question
    Councillor Davies asked that Councillor Holland discuss with her counterparts in the other three boroughs to progress implementing the London living wage.

    Supplementary answer
    Councillor Holland agreed that the Council should continue to advocate to Western Riverside Waste Authority to pay the living wage to the contractors. She also affirmed that she would escalate this further to the Leader of the Council to write to his counterparts on this topic

    4.    Councillor Jackie Meldrum to Leader of the Council, Councillor Jack Hopkins:

    Supplementary question
    Councillor Meldrum requested that Councillor Hopkins demand that Councils be properly funded to assist EU citizens to reach settlement status and avoid deportation after December 2020.

    Supplementary answer
    Councillor Hopkins confirmed that the Council would fight to support our residents to get settlement status. The Council would request the resources needed to reach out, and ensure that the Hostile Environment Policy is reviewed.

    5.    Councillor Mohammed Hashi to Cabinet Member for Jobs, Skills and Community Safety, Councillor Mohammed Seedat:

    Supplementary question
    Councillor Hashi asked Councillor Seedat what support was available to the families of the victims and communities of Serious Youth Violence and how did the Council measure progress and impact on reducing serious youth violence crime.

    Supplementary answer
    Councillor Seedat stated that the Council developed its approach in providing support and guidance to those that were affected by serious violence.  A number of programmes were put in place, but more work was required.

    6.    Councillor Joanna Reynolds to Cabinet Member for Finance and Performance, Andy Wilson:

    Supplementary question
    Councillor Reynolds wanted clarification from the statement that ‘the electricity that will be sourced by a 100% renewable energy guarantee option’, if this meant all the properties owned by Lambeth would be covered by that, or whether they were homes or only the buildings that Council workers occupy.

    Supplementary answer
    Councillor Wilson informed Council that from April 2020 every Council office building, community centre, parks  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


Motions pdf icon PDF 381 KB


    RESOLVED: To suspend committee rules and procedures to allow three motions to be debated instead of two.


    Motion 1: Green

    The Labour amendment to the motion was CARRIED and Council RESOLVED:


    Homelessness Charter


    This Motion is designed to complement the draft Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy and Action Plan put forward for consultation in September 2019.


    Council commits to adopting the following Homelessness Charter, and notes that when it refers to those who are ‘homeless’ it includes those who are without shelter of any kind - ‘rough, or street sleepers’ as well as individuals and families who have a roof over their head but live in overcrowded conditions and those with no security of tenure; such as those sofa-surfing and those in temporary accommodation.

    Council notes that the draft Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy and Action Plan sets out many of the principles contained within the Homelessness Charter and welcomes the strategy’s focus on providing vulnerable residents who find themselves homeless with the support they need and deserve.

    Lambeth Council believes that everyone has the right to a warm and secure home that they can afford to live in. 


    The Council will respect and uphold the rights of anyone who is experiencing homelessness of any kind.

    The Council does not and will not contribute in any way to the harsh and inhumane conditions too often experienced by people who do not have a place to call home and commits to improving the living conditions of people who are homeless and to lessen the impact of the negative effects of homelessness.


    The Council does not and will not facilitate the government’s hostile environment policies in any way. Council condemns the government’s hostile environment policies and their appalling record of rising homelessness, which is arguably the most acute impact of almost a decade of austerity.


    To help achieve this Council believes that it is essential to re-state that every person who is experiencing homelessness is entitled to the same treatment as any other resident in the borough. No one should be denied rights because they are experiencing homelessness.


    To this end Lambeth Council will make effective the following rights where it is within its legal powers to do so:


    1. Homelessness prevention

    Each person has the right to access the help and support they need, including financial planning, to avoid homelessness. All individuals have the right to access any support services, including specialist support for those with protected characteristics, that may help them stay in their home be it for mental or physical health, financial or addiction issues.


    2. The Right to Housing

    If a person does find themselves without a home, their most important right is to exit homelessness. Services supporting access to appropriate housing must be accessible to all homeless people.


    3. The Right to Shelter

    Where housing cannot be immediately provided, there must be access to decent emergency accommodation for anyone finding themselves without shelter. The Council is committed to ensuring that there is sufficient emergency accommodation  ...  view the full minutes text for item 8.




Delegation of powers to London Councils for the creation of pan-London Byelaw pdf icon PDF 296 KB


Lambeth Gambling Statement of Principles 2019-2022 ('Gambling Policy') Approval and Adoption pdf icon PDF 266 KB


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    Council noted the updated report which was tabled.


    RESOLVED: That the current absence from all Council and Committee meetings of Councillor Christopher Wellbelove and Councillor Annie Gallop due to ill health was authorised and approved for the period until the scheduled meeting of the Council to be held in February 2020, pursuant to Section 85 of the 1972 Local Government Act.