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Declaration of Pecuniary Interests

    Under Standing Order 4.4, where any councillor has a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest (as defined in the Members’ Code of Conduct (para. 4)) in any matter to be considered at a meeting of the Council, a committee, sub-committee or joint committee, they must withdraw from the meeting room during the whole of the consideration of that matter and must not participate in any vote on that matter unless a dispensation has been obtained from the Monitoring Officer.




    There were none.


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To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meeting held on 24 April 2019.


RESOLVED: That the minutes of the meeting held on 24 April 2019 be signed and approved as a correct record of proceedings.




Youth Council Annual Report


    Members of the Youth Council summarised the previous year’s work. Council noted the following points:

    ·         They would like to continue to work with Childrens Scrutiny Sub Committee and work closer with Lambeth Council.

    ·         Their work with LGBT, Transgender at Cat Calling campaigns.


    The Deputy Leader of the Council (Children and Young People), Councillor Jennifer Brathwaite, responded. Council noted the following points:

    ·         She congratulated the Youth Council for their presentation and their work.

    ·         The importance that Young People help affect positive change in the locations in which they live in, and lead on the biggest issues, from Serious Youth Violence to Climate Change.

    ·         The importance that the Council actively engage and involve the young in the decision making process.


    Councillor Nicole Griffith responded. Council noted the following point:

    ·         She thanked the Youth Council for their work, and expressed the importance that the Council continues to fund and support them.


Petitions, PNQs and Deputations

    No public notice questions were received.


    Petitions will be presented at the meeting by Councillors.


    The deadline for the receipt of requests for a deputation is 5pm

    12 July 2019. Email:



          i.        A deputation was made to Council about dampness in flats by the St Martins Estate Residents Association on issues of dampness on the estate. Council noted that:

    ·         This issue has been ongoing for years and since May 2016 Metropolitan Services promised that a health service would be undertaken, which has not taken place.

    ·         They have received 51 complaints to date.

    ·         A 90 year old resident was hospitalised due to dampness related health issues.

    ·         They requested to apply pressure on Metropolitan Housing Services to rectify the issue.


    The Cabinet Member for Housing, Councillor Paul Gadsby responded. Council noted that:

    ·         He thanked the residents for their deputation and expressed shock at the service received.

    ·         He has since met with Metropolitan Housing, who have provided an action plan.

    ·         Lambeth would be appointing an independent Environmental Officer.

    ·         Would meet with Resident Association in future to discuss practically how to go forward.


         ii.        A deputation was made to Council about Climate and Ecological Emergency. Council noted that:

    ·         We are in the final few years to be able to avert climate catastrophe, potentially causing deaths of billions of people.

    ·         A recent UN report stated that there is one environmental disaster each week.

    ·         They requested that Council cut a path for others to follow.


    The Leader of the Council, Councillor Jack Hopkins responded. Council noted the following points:

    ·         That Lambeth Council were the first London Borough to declare climate emergency.

    ·         He recognised that they have 11 years to keep 1.5°C to stop runaway climate change.

    ·         Assured that Extinction Rebellion have full support from the Council.

    ·         That a report was published that started to set out how Council operations could be carbon neutral by 2030.

    ·         The need to engage with the whole community.

    ·         Would like to work with Extinction Rebellion.


        iii.        A deputation was made to Council about the definition of Islamophobia. Council noted that:

    ·         Members experience on Islamophobia and the effects it had on them.

    ·         It is a real problem in today’s society and the importance to combat Islamophobia, both from institutional to outright discrimination.

    ·         The Home Office recently published papers which stated that 52% of reported hate crimes were Muslim, and the majority of those were women.

    ·         Recommended to revive Lambeth Council working group on faith, provide a safe platform for Muslim communities to express their emotions, and art.


    The Cabinet Member for Equalities and Culture, Councillor Sonia Winifred responded. Council noted stated that:

    ·         She thanked them for their deputation.

    ·         Lambeth Council have created Equalities Commission, to ensure an equal borough with equal opportunities.

    ·         Last year the Council adopted the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of anti-Semitism.

    ·         Disappointed that opposition party opposed to this definition and failed to support the adoption of the IHRA definition last year (point of order).


    Council received 10 petitions:


          i.        From Councillor Jackie Meldrum on new block doors for York Hill Estate

         ii.        From Councillor Mohammed Seedat requesting traffic calming methods for Conifer Gardens in Streatham Wells

        iii.        From Councillor Dickson on L shaped loft conversions in Herne Hill  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Cabinet Statement


    The Leader of the Council, Councillor Jack Hopkins, addressed Council. Council noted the following points:

    ·           He congratulated the Youth Council on their work throughout the year.

    ·           The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, had recently visited the borough and they discussed Serious Youth Violence.

    ·           Along with Councillor Winifred and Councillor Dyer, he had launched the Elevate Program.

    ·           Although the Country was due to have a new Prime Minister shortly, the issue of local Government funding would still remain.


Opposition Statement


    The Leader of the Opposition, Councillor Jonathan Bartley, addressed Council. Council noted the following points:

    ·         He congratulated the Youth Council, specifically on work on climate strike.

    ·         The Green Group were committed to joining the strike to avoid climate breakdown, and urged Lambeth to support employees to do the same.

    ·         The Council’s Carbon Reduction Plan had been inadequately scrutinised. The Green group had called the decision in due to the budget in the citizen’s assembly being too small.

    ·         The Council plan to combat the climate emergency needed to be bolder and braver.


Questions from Councillors


    1.    Councillor Becca Thackray to the Cabinet Member for Finance and Investment, Councillor Andy Wilson:

    Supplementary question
    Councillor Thackray asked if Councillor Wilson would communicate his answer to Lambeth Learning Disability Forum and SOSA.

    Supplementary answer
    Councillor Wilson agreed.

    2.    Councillor Tim Briggs to the Cabinet Member for Finance and Investment, Councillor Andy Wilson:

    Supplementary question
    Question fell as Councillor Briggs was not present.

    3.    Councillor Lucy Caldicott to the Cabinet Member for Housing, Cllr Paul Gadsby:

    Supplementary question
    Councillor Caldicott asked if Councillor Gadsby would sign Lambeth Council up to the Labour Homelessness campaign.

    Supplementary answer
    Councillor Gadsby confirmed he would. He explained that he shared Councillor Caldicott’s concern at the dreadful homelessness crisis in this country. The pledge committed the Council to make sure that it did not imbed immigration officers in its services and committed to assist anybody during times of severe weather crises. He also advised that Lambeth would not share data on rough sleepers without their consent. Councillor Gadsby confirmed that the Council would sign up to this pledge.

    4.    Councillor Liz Atkins to the Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care, Cllr Ed Davie:

    Supplementary question
    Councillor Atkins asked Councillor Davie what assurance he could give that the integrated care system had sufficient risk, quality assurance and equalities impact assessments undertaken to ensure the system would benefit all Lambeth residents.

    Supplementary answer
    Councillor Davie responded that he would be working closely with the local community and NHS partners to reduce the risks of any reorganisation. Service users, patients, residents and their political representative, were represented in the structures of the integrated care system across the six boroughs in South East London. Councillor Davie committed to ensure that he would protect the integrity of the NHS and get the best deal for residents and workers.

    5.    Councillor Jackie Meldrum to the Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care, Cllr Ed Davie:

    Supplementary question
    Councillor Meldrum requested what would the Council do to make sure that Local authorities had sufficient funds for Adult Social Care in the immediate and longer term future.

    Supplementary answer
    Councillor Davie responded that funding for the new financial year was unclear, as central government needed to provide certainty about long term funding. The Council was campaigning to get a funding settlement providing stability for the future.

    6.    Councillor Mary Atkins to the Cabinet Member for Housing, Cllr Paul Gadsby:

    Supplementary question
    Councillor Atkins asked if Councillor Gadsby could bring any learning from his active engagement with the campaigners, including changes to the way the Council worked in this area.

    Supplementary answer
    Councillor Gadsby responded that one of the frustrations was ensuring the Council was working together with the correct Housing Association to make sure they fulfilled their responsibilities as landlords better; as three different Associations had involvement in managing the estate. He had been meeting with Housing Associations to re-establish relationships and there were many good examples of Housing Associations running good projects  ...  view the full minutes text for item 8.


Corporate Committee Annual Report pdf icon PDF 296 KB


    Councillor Scott Ainslie and Councillor Adrian Garden commended the report to Council. Council noted the following key points:

    ·         Requested an independent member to the committee.

    ·         To oversee the transfer of the Housing stock back from Lambeth Living.

    ·         That they kept an oversight of the Councils organisational structure.


    RESOLVED: That the Corporate Committee Annual Report for 2018/19 is approved.



Overview and Scrutiny Annual Report pdf icon PDF 170 KB

    Additional documents:


    Councillor Donatus Anyanwu, the Overview and Scrutiny Committee Chair for 2018-19, and Councillor Liz Atkins, the Overview and Scrutiny Committee Chair for 2019-20, introduced the report. Council noted that:

    ·         The key topics that were scrutinised included the Council’s Corporate Structure, the Borough Plan and recommendations for the Equality Commission.

    ·         Scrutiny was important because it allowed real life experiences from residents and service users to feed into decision making.

    ·         Over the next year, the Committee would look at enabling local people to be involved in scrutiny process.


    RESOLVED: That the Overview & Scrutiny Committee Annual Report 2018-19 be approved.



Motions pdf icon PDF 170 KB


    Motion 1: Green


    The Labour amendment to the motion was CARRIED and Council RESOLVED:


    Full Council notes:


    ·         In January 2019 Lambeth became the first London council to declare a climate emergency and brought forward its target to become carbon neutral by 2030. Six months later and the Council has published its Corporate Carbon Reduction Plan outlining how the council’s operations will be carbon neutral by 2030 and has set out clear plans for addressing the emergency through a Lambeth Citizens’ Assembly.

    ·         The council is taking urgent action to put significant resources behind tackling the climate emergency.

    ·         Lambeth is leading London in this area and is seeking innovative, creative solutions to environmental and social problems.

    ·         The challenges we have to face are wide-ranging and require significant changes at every level that the council operates.

    ·         The climate emergency will be at the heart of all the council’s decision making moving forward.

    ·         Urgent, radical change is required and the residents of Lambeth will be actively involved.

    ·         Local Authorities are in a unique position to lead the way in tackling climate change locally alongside residents, businesses and organisations.


    Council further notes:


    ·         The council has already taken big strides in reducing its carbon footprint by moving from 14 energy inefficient buildings to two new energy efficient offices.

    ·         The council is vastly improving the energy efficiency of its council homes by carrying out an almost £500 million refurbishment of them which has already seen 23,000 homes, with a further 5,000 planned this year, benefit from new windows and other internal works aimed at making them dry and warm.

    ·         The council has recently taken the decision to replace the boilers at 10 Lambeth schools with new energy efficient ones which will save over 300 tonnes of carbon each year.

    ·         That the process of shifting the council’s vehicle fleet to ultra-low emission vehicles is well underway, and it will be fully ultra-low emission by 2030 at the very latest.

    ·         That Lambeth Council is committed to ramping up its solar energy supplies and to work with our community energy partners Repowering London to bring cheaper and cleaner energy to Lambeth residents.

    ·         That the council’s new Corporate Carbon Reduction Plan explains how council’s operations will become carbon neutral by 2030 and that decisions will include a carbon impact assessment.

    ·         The council’s baseline carbon footprint agreed through the new Corporate Carbon Reduction Plan will be more robust and go much further than the statutory Carbon Reduction Commitment.

    ·         That the council’s new Responsible Procurement Policy adopted by Cabinet in May 2019 sets out achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 as one of the council’s most important priorities when considering procurement and spending decisions.


    Council resolves:


    ·         To report on the progress made against the 2030 target to Cabinet every year

    ·         To include a commitment to working towards carbon neutrality in all contracts entered into by the Council with suppliers and contractors.

    ·         To set up a cross organisational officer group to oversee the implementation of the action plan to address the climate emergency and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 11.