Agenda and draft minutes

Rescheduled from 08/03, Ownership and Stewardship Cabinet Advisory Panel - Wednesday 9 February 2022 6.00 pm

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Declaration of Pecuniary Interests

    Under Standing Order 4.4, where any councillor has a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest (as defined in the Members’ Code of Conduct (para. 4)) in any matter to be considered at a meeting of the Council, a committee, sub-committee or joint committee, they must withdraw from the meeting room during the whole of the consideration of that matter and must not participate in any vote on that matter unless a dispensation has been obtained from the Monitoring Officer.


    There were none.


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    To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meeting held on the 29 September 2021.


    That the previous meeting held on 29 September 2021 be agreed as a

    correct record of proceedings.


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    Officers introduced the progress report and provided the panel members with an update on the Homes for Lambeth (HfL) build programme, development programme finance, performance against approved budget, HFL Home housing management, resident engagement, health and safety, employment opportunities as well as a sustainability update which was requested at the previous meeting.


    In response to panel members questions it was stated that:

    ·         Residents on Lollards Street expressed dissatisfaction with the previous company who delivered management services. Residents were listened to and Lambeth Council were now delivering management services.

    ·         Energy increases would be moderated by HfL’s access to Lambeth Borough tariffs.

    ·         HfL’s method for satisfaction figures was not the same method that the Council used. However, this would be reviewed to ensure that providers satisfaction figures can be compared.

    ·         HfL were working with the Council to map interdependencies, this would be presented at a future meeting once approved at relevant boards.

    ·         It was anticipated that residents who were part of the South Lambeth project would move in throughout the summer of 2022. Conversations were taking place with residents to ensure that they were happy.

    ·         HfL still had the ambition to ensure that land value was reinvested to increase the number of Council homes. HfL would look at each development and the Councils position at that current time to do this.

    ·         HfL sustainability strategy had been approved; this could help show case carbon reduction figures.

    ·         Engagement for master planning would be a co-design approach with residents and young people would be included in this.


    In a further discussion the panel members requested that the local employment tracker included a column for both started and completed placements to give a clearer view of the progress being made and that the KPI data was linked to the employment tracker.


    Panel members also wanted resident experience to be at the forefront of reports to gain a better understanding on their experience of the process and their experience of living in properties as well as capturing analysis of dissatisfied data to see what could be done to mitigate any common themes.





    In consultation with panel members, Cllr Jacqui Dyer and Cllr Maria Kay it was agreed to delegate authority to Councillor Matthew Bennett to recommend the Joint Delivery Plan to Cabinet in consultation with Councillors.


    Knights Walk handover would take place at the beginning of march and the first sales launch for Hydethorpe would take place on the 23 March 2022.