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    Under section 4 of the governance arrangements for the Health & Wellbeing Board, Board members are bound by the Members’ Code of Conduct as set out in the Council’s Constitution (Part 4 Section 1).  Where any Board member has a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest in any matter to be considered at a Board meeting they must withdraw from the meeting room during the whole of the consideration of that matter and must not participate in any vote on that matter unless a dispensation has been obtained from the Monitoring Officer.



    None were declared.


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Black Thrive - Report on the Consolidation Phase to Lambeth's Health & Wellbeing Board pdf icon PDF 144 KB

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    Catherine Pearson introduced the report.


    The Chair stated that the way the funding that had been raised was in order to meet the aspiration was impressive. This included contributions from various areas such as those from the St Thomas’ Charity, Battersea Power Station Foundation and the CCG itself amongst others such as the Big Lottery Fund.


    The meeting heard that:


    ·      The last few meetings of the Black Thrive Steering Group had discussed issues regarding Children and Young People and how Black Thrive could work with families. There was likely to be interrelated work between Black Thrive and the work being done with Children and Young People.

    ·      At a recent meeting of the steering group, it had been agreed that there would be a Children and Young People Working Group for Black Thrive.

    ·      More contact would be made with schools and colleges to gain further representation and greater involvement. 

    ·      Issues relating to adults and older people would be considered in due course. 


    The Chair stated that good progress had been made and further progression would be monitored.



    (1)  That the report be noted.



Children and Families Strategic Partnership update pdf icon PDF 221 KB

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    Councillor Jane Pickard, Cabinet Member for Families and Young People and Amy

    Buxton Jennings introduced the report.


    The Chair stated he was encouraged to hear about the co-production work.


    The meeting heard that:


    ·      It was important that housing issues be considered. Some work had been done with Housing in relation to the Lambeth Early Action Partnership programme due to overcrowded housing. 

    ·      The publication of the Children and Young People’s Plan was likely to be in September 2017.

    ·      In relation to paragraph 2.4.2 on page 19 of the agenda papers relating to the SEND Local Area Inspection, work was proceeding satisfactorily and was being closely monitored. The Council was also due its full major re-inspection of the Children’s Care Services.



    (1)  That the contents of the report be noted.



Health and Wellbeing Strategy Update pdf icon PDF 311 KB


    Bimpe Oki introduced the report.


    The meeting heard that:


    ·      The Staying Healthy Partnership Board had been refreshed more recently and a more systematic approach was being taken on how the board developed further.

    ·      Publication of documentation would occur in due course and there would be a regularly available Staying Healthy Programme Board report that would provide relevant updates. Some administrative support was being made available such as records being taken of meetings.

    ·      Associate Director, Mandy Green was a Housing representative on the Staying Healthy Programme Board and aspects related to housing had informed the plan.

    ·      Work was being done on the Homeless, Health and Refugee Pathway.

    ·      It was important to note that there was a London Homeless Health Programme and a Homeless Reduction Act (2017) which may put additional duties upon the borough.

    The Chair proposed that a formal request be sent to Senior Housing Officers to report back to the Health and Wellbeing Board regarding any new duties that may be placed upon the borough as a result of the Homeless Reduction Act (2017). 




    (1)  That the Lambeth Health and Wellbeing Strategy Implementation Plan (2017-2018) be agreed.



Living Well Network Alliance - progress report pdf icon PDF 548 KB


    Denis O’Rourke introduced the report. 


    The Chair stated that the progression was at a critical stage and after having gone through the initial developments, it was important to note the time timetable of the progress and that the process appeared to be on track.


    The Chair also stated the importance of the input of Black Thrive.


    The meeting heard that:


    ·      It was important for Black Thrive to have a good relationship with the Living Well Network Alliance. However, other issues also needed to be considered such as age, gender, sexuality and disability amongst others.

    ·      This was a challenging, interesting and necessary way forward and there were very few models of a similar nature. 

    ·      This was the largest alliance contract in the UK.



    (1)  That the progress on the development of the Living Well Network Alliance, one of the delivery alliances which forms part of the Lambeth Strategic Partnership, be noted.



Lambeth Pharmacy Needs Assessment - Progress Report pdf icon PDF 320 KB


    DrHitten Dodhia introduced the report.


    Councillor Jackie Meldrum, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, stated thatin West Norwood, residents had been asked for their views on pharmacy needs in West Norwood. Although there was a West Norwood Health and Leisure Centre, the nearest pharmacy was a long walk away. It was felt that the location of pharmacies needed to be more equally spread out in the area.


    The meeting heard that:


    ·      The issue regarding pharmacy locations in the West Norwood area could be examined further. 

    ·      Disabled Go was useful for understanding disability access. The information gathered from the audits was likely to be useful.

    ·      The document was primarily based with regard to supporting market entry. The document did not allow anyone in the NHS to place a pharmacy in a particular area or location. 

    ·      Feedback could be taken from the public in specific areas to examine if pharmacies in their area met their needs.



    (1)  That the plan to develop and refresh the pharmaceutical needs assessment for Lambeth and progress to date be noted.



Quarterly Report of the Director of Public Health for Lambeth (April- June 2017) pdf icon PDF 1 MB


    Ruth Hutt introduced the report.


    The Chair the issue of deprivation in the borough and that the most economically deprived areas had been accounted as being further deprived even though the borough in general had gained wealth and this could have implications on resourcing. 


    The meeting heard that:


    ·      Public Health’s role within the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) was to assist in greater understanding the extent to which the service that was being providing was correctly orientated.

    ·      Often the challenges of any complex cohort was that sometimes the correct pathway of care was not clear.

    ·      It was understood that there was a socio-economic factor with regard to how people with learning disabilities were affected.

    ·      There were also other issues relating to deprivation such as smoking and alcohol consumption which could have an impact on disability in children.

    ·      Healthy Life expectancy for men in Lambeth was 59 years of age. Healthy life expectancy for women was recorded as being 63 years of age.  In 2009 -11 it was recorded at 61 years of age for men and at 2011-13 it was recorded at being 65 years of age for men.  



    (1)  That the report be noted.



Staying Health Partnership Board response to the Equalities Commission pdf icon PDF 584 KB


    Ruth Hutt introduced the report.


    The Chair stated that the health component to the commission was not built in at the beginning but it was positive that a response was being delivered.An important point to note was that the recent report of the Social Mobility Commission had found positive effects of the work completed on Early Years which assisted children to be academically more aligned with their peers.


    The meeting heard that: 


    ·      Lambeth had high levels of quality provision in Early Years, even with cuts to the service. There was ongoing work in the Early Years’ service in the Council monitoring progression of children. The Better Start programme would provide further assistance.

    ·      It was important that this commission led to new and different ways of working.

    ·      It would be launched within two weeks and would contribute to the borough plan which would be done in consultation with partners.




    (1)  That the response to the Equalities Commission from the Staying Healthy Board be noted.

    (2)  That the response and recommendations in the report be endorsed.

    (3)  That the report be included as the official response from the Health and Wellbeing Board to the Equalities Commission.



Working with families and carers - A Framework for Action pdf icon PDF 380 KB

    Additional documents:


    Councillor Jackie Meldrum, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Denis O’Rourke introduced the report. 


    The meeting heard that:


    ·      It was important to document child carers or generally young carers. Children who were carers generally missed out on various opportunities in life and this needed to be addressed. Schools and other outlets needed to be focused on issues relating to young carers.

    ·      More needed to be done to gain funding in this area as children with disabilities was on increase and people with disabilities were living longer. This indicated a need for greater resources.

    The Chair stated that following the Task and Finish Group work, a completed set of proposals should be reported back to the Health and Wellbeing Board.




    (1)  That the proposed carers framework for action be approved and endorsed.

    (2)  That the proposed process aimed at co-producing a comprehensive action plan across the Council and NHS delivery and transformation programmes be approved.

    (3)  That the development of a communication, engagement and marketing campaign to promote better support of carers in Lambeth be approved and supported.