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Minutes of Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 181 KB

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    The minutes of the meeting held on 25 November 2015 were AGREED as an accurate record of the meeting.


Domestic Homicide Report 2


Performance Update pdf icon PDF 236 KB


    Ann Corbett presented the SLP Performance Scorecard for January 2016 and noted that it would be presented at the forthcoming Overview and Scrutiny Committee for crime and disorder. The group discussed changes in the levels of crime and assessed results against targets. It was noted that:


    • There had been improvements in the rates of Violence with Injury, Gun, Knife and Gang Crime but these trends were London-wide and Lambeth’s ranking amongst comparable boroughs remained a concern.
    • Improvements had been made on the number of repeat incidents of domestic violence reported by victims managed by MARAC.
    • Commercial robbery was not achieving target but the total number of crimes remained low. There had been large scale reductions in commercial robbery in recent years.
    • The number of personal robberies had fallen in the borough and this was a significant achievement.
    • There had been increases in rape, domestic violence and other sexual offences.


    In relation to the increase in Domestic Violence, Sexual Offences and offences relating to Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG), the group discussed whether the increasing rates were symptomatic of better reporting or increased levels of crime. Representatives from the MPS explained that it was likely to reflect a combination of the two. There was improved public confidence in the authorities to deal with incidents of VAWG and this was likely to have boosted the amount of recorded cases. However, the rising trend, which was reflected across London, could not be wholly attributed to improved recording and the partnership needed to continue to tackle the rising rates of VAWG. There was an opportunity to understand the increases better based on the developing evidence base for the new VAWG strategy.


    The SLP Executive resolved to:


    1.          Review the performance report and produce a revised set of dashboard indicators. Officers to consider the inclusion of indicators on disability hate crime and criminal abuse of adults unable to protect themselves (safeguarding) as requested by the Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care.



Prevent Action Plan pdf icon PDF 227 KB


    Ann Corbett presented the report (Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 – Prevent and Channel Legal Duties) which recommended that the SLP Executive acted as the top level leadership and strategy group for the co-ordination of local activity to prevent people being drawn into support for terrorism.


    The group discussed the responsibilities of the SLP Executive and agreed that the membership, constitution and terms of reference would need to be refreshed and this aspect could be further clarified as part of the new Constitution development. Members also discussed the links between the SLP and the PREVENT agenda in local hospitals and universities and noted that these institutions had their own separate Prevent resource and strategies. The Home Office coordinated Prevent strategies at a regional level.


    The Safer Lambeth Partnership Executive resolved to:


    1.          Act as the strategic co-ordination body for Prevent work in Lambeth and in particular lead and co-ordinate local Prevent activity across the partnership; agree the local risk assessment based on the annual Counter Terrorism Local Profile Develop; and monitor the implementation of the annual partnership Prevent action plan based on the risk assessment.

    2.          Refresh the membership, constitution and terms of reference of the SLP to strengthen the Prevent oversight role.



Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy and Recommissioning Update pdf icon PDF 185 KB


    Kristian Aspinall introduced the report and updated the group on the VAWG strategy refresh. It was proposed that the SLP Commissioning Board act as oversight board for the refresh and that a Task and Finish Group be set up to provide operational oversight of the VAWG strategy development.


    The strategy refresh would be used to inform re-commissioning of the VAWG service provision and following budgetary reductions, the Lead Member had requested that funding be protected at current levels for 2016/17. It was noted that the 2017/18 VAWG budget would remain in deficit and the new Task and Finish Group would therefore be tasked to review the 2017/18 budget position. All partners were urged to feed into the review.


    Officers explained that the council had continued to lobby Government and MOPAC to take the management of refuge provision to a regional level and provide a solution for a range of practical issues that hindered service provision at local level.


    The Safer Lambeth Partnership Executive resolved to:


    1. Agree that the Partnership Commissioning Board act as oversight board on behalf of Safer Lambeth Partnership Executive.
    2. Agree to receive the final draft and provide formal sign off of the VAWG strategy refresh at the July meeting of the Executive


Licensing & Gambling Update pdf icon PDF 208 KB


    Kristian Aspinall updated the group on forthcoming changes to statutory

    Gambling and Licensing policies.


    The council did not have a Gambling Policy in place and officers were working to refresh the old document to bring it up to speed with current requirements. In September 2016 officers would commence with a lengthier exercise, drawing on representations from the public and partner agencies, to produce a new three year Gambling Policy.


    The existing Licensing Policy could run until 2019 but policy refresh work would begin from September 2016 in order to address issues such as opening times that were not sufficiently covered under current policy. Partners would also be granted the opportunity to input in the Licensing Policy refresh.


    The SLP Executive resolved to:


    Note the report and the updates provided.