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Cabinet - Monday 6 June 2016 7.00 pm

Venue: Karibu Education Centre, 7 Gresham Road, London, SW9 7PH

Contact: David Rose, Democratic Services Officer, Tel: 020 7926 1037 Email: 

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Declarations of Pecuniary Interest

Under Cabinet Rule 1.5.2, where any Cabinet Member has a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest (as defined in the Members’ Code of Conduct (para. 4)) in any matter to be considered at a meeting of the Council, a committee, sub-committee or joint committee, they must withdraw from the meeting room during the whole of the consideration of that matter and must not participate in any vote on that matter unless a dispensation has been obtained from the Monitoring Officer.


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Minutes of Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 108 KB

To agree the minutes of the last meeting held on 11 April 2016.


RESOLVED: That the minutes of the last meeting held on 11 April 2016 be agreed as a correct record of proceedings.



The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse and the Council’s response to allegations of child sexual abuse. pdf icon PDF 224 KB

    Report 250/16-17


    Key decision

    All Wards


    Strategic Director for Children, Adults and Health: Helen Charlesworth-May

    Leader of the Council: Councillor Lib Peck


    Contact: AnnickaAncliff, Adults and Health, 0207 926 4697


    Additional documents:


    The Leader of the Council, Councillor Lib Peck, and the Chief Executive, Sean Harriss, introduced the paper and noted:

    ·           the principles which Lambeth would embrace on an incredibly sensitive and important area of work, recognising Lambeth’s historic failings and the damaging impact of these, and how the Council would work with those affected including the Shirley Oaks Survivors Association (SOSA);

    ·           support of victims was of the utmost importance and the agenda pack (pages 7-13) detailed the Council’s response to date and future work in this area;

    ·           transparency was another key area,  and the Council owed those affected the support and help they needed get to some measure of truth and acknowledgement;

    ·           there were many  activities undertaken by Lambeth since the SOSA presentation to Full Council on 22 July 2015 and this support would continue;

    ·           the Independent Inquiry for Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) was a formal statutory inquiry, and had specifically identified Lambeth as a core participant;

    ·           the report detailed the information the Council had or would provide the Inquiry and redacted copies would be available for public viewing in Lambeth Archives;

    ·           the IICSA would hopefully conclude its preliminary hearings in autumn 2017;

    ·           Council evidence had already been used in a successful prosecution;

    ·           the Council was providing funding to help support SOSA and its activities and pay the significant legal and additional resource costs, but further funding would be needed for compensation claims;

    ·           the report  highlighted the publicity and further compensation claims work to date, and the Chief Executive noted that it was in the best interests of victims to deal with these quickly and effectively and was why he sought Cabinet approval to delegate the authority to formulate a draft compensation scheme to him; and,

    ·           this was a top priority for Lambeth and it would significantly impact the Council’s time, capacity, and budgets, however it was a necessary expenditure.


    The Leader of the Council, Councillor Lib Peck, added a statement from SOSA:

    ·           SOSA had a productive relationship with Lambeth and believed it could be replicated with other survivor groups across the country;

    ·           they welcomed the Council’s moves to set up a compensation mechanism; and,

    ·           SOSA was willing to constructively discuss ways of resolving the Council’s historical failings.


    The Chief Executive, Sean Harriss, answered Cabinet’s questions:

    ·           SOSA was the focus of the initial campaign, but it had developed into a Lambeth-wide survivors’ organisation representing most children’s homes during the period in question and the IICSA scope related to all Lambeth children’s homes;

    ·           support was a key point, and the Council was not limiting this specifically to SOSA, as it was dealing with other organisations and individuals outside this body;

    ·           the Council had contacted current and historic employees or those with a connection with the Council during the period in question, to uncover further information;

    ·           there were ongoing discussions with IICSA as to how best to share information and encourage further participation, and it was envisaged  that the Council would regularly liaise with IICSA to develop this as the Inquiry proceeded;

    ·           the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Delegation of powers to London Borough of Wandsworth to Enforce Parking Controls on the Patmore Estate pdf icon PDF 244 KB

    Report 249/16-17


    Key decision

    Larkhall Ward


    Strategic Director for Neighbourhoods and Growth: Sue Foster

    Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport: Councillor Jennifer Brathwaite


    Contact: Ian Baker, Head of Service Highways and Enforcement, Neighbourhoods, 020 7926 1254,  

    Additional documents:


    The Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, Councillor Jennifer Brathwaite; and Ian Baker, Head of Service Highways and Enforcement, introduced the paper and noted:

    ·           it sought agreement for Lambeth to delegate its enforcement and administration of parking on Patmore East Estate to Wandsworth Council; and,

    ·           it was good news for residents and businesses who had suffered for a number of years, and was a good example of two councils of different political colours working together.


    Councillor Andy Wilson, Larkhall ward councillor made the following comments:

    ·           a small proportion of individuals paid rent to Wandsworth and council tax to Lambeth, a higher rate on each side, and so expected a high level of service; and,

    ·           it had taken a long time to achieve a solution and Cabinet was asked to endorse the solution to mitigate the current restrictive parking and substantial waste issues.


    Ian Baker, Head of Service Highways and Enforcement, and Councillor Andrew Wilson, answered questions from Cabinet:

    ·           the agenda detailed the proposed plan (pages 29-53) and it was now for Wandsworth to ratify;

    ·           the Chair of the Patmore Cooperative had commended the proposal for a long time, whilst many businesses had requested parking controls; and,

    ·           there were no financial obligations as residents would contact Wandsworth Council to apply for parking permits contact them for future parking related issues.


    The Cabinet Member for Children and Schools, Councillor Jane Edbrooke, commended the inter-borough and bipartisan working to provide the best deal for residents.


    The Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, Councillor Jennifer Brathwaite, thanked officers for their hard work, and also to Councillor Wilson for bringing to this issue to Cabinet’s attention and in his tenacity to resolve the issue.



    1.         To delegate the Council’s executive function under the legislation identified in section 2 below in relation to the Council’s land on the Patmore East Estate as shown on the plan attached at Appendix A to the London Borough of Wandsworth’s executive pursuant to Section 9EA of the Local Government Act 2000 and the Local Authorities (Arrangement for the Discharge of Function)(England) Regulations 2012.

    2.         To enter into a Delegation Agreement (Appendix B) with the London Borough of Wandsworth to record the delegation described in the previous paragraph and related matters.



Resident Involvement in Housing Scrutiny Commission Report pdf icon PDF 97 KB

    Report 248/16-17


    Key decision

    All Wards


    Strategic Director Neighbourhoods and Growth: Sue Foster

    Cabinet Member for Housing: Councillor Matthew Bennett


    Contact: Mark Howarth, Governance & Resident Engagement Manager; and, Neil Vokes, Programme Director, Housing Regeneration 020 7926


    Additional documents:


    The Cabinet Member for Housing, Councillor Matthew Bennett, and Councillor Mary Atkins, co-chair of the Housing Scrutiny Commission, introduced the Report and noted:

    ·           it represented a huge amount of work over a significant period of time and contained 62 recommendations, along with an Action Plan and officer response;

    ·           the decision to bring Lambeth Living back in-house was made in 2014,a  survey of residents took place in which only 37% of tenants and leaseholders rated engagement as satisfactory;

    ·           the Commission ran in parallel to consulting residents on plans for future resident engagement as a separate process looking at best practice for the future; and,

    ·           the recommendations were aimed at making residents and leaseholders central to processes and improvements of housing-related works and services, but was not about changing specific policies;

    ·           it doubled as a learning experience for Lambeth and was research- and evidence-led and based, and had both professional and resident input;

    ·           certain recommendations were not ground-breaking and focused on culture change and basic tasks, but it was hoped being codified would help effect change and mitigate the frustrations of residents;

    ·           recommendation one held the work together, enshrining cooperative co-regulation and putting officers in residents’ shoes, representing a cultural shift that empowered residents through coproduction, recognising there were no blanket policies for all, and that a range of structures was needed to facilitate resident involvement;

    ·           it had become clear when receiving evidence on structures and processes that an outcome-based approach was more important than structure, as flexibility was wanted;

    ·           the report highlighted the rigorous use of evidence and value for money; and,

    ·           the Action Plan would continue housing management improvements and would be monitored by resident involvement structures, Housing Management and OSC.


    Cabinet next heard from Stephen Gyte, Chair of Leaseholders’ Council and Chair of the North Lambeth Area Leasehold Forum; and Malcolm Baker, member of Tenants’ Council and of the Housing Scrutiny Commission:

    ·         the Chair of Leaseholders’ Council had not been invited to speak to the Commission;

    ·         the Action Plan was commendable and contained some good points;

    ·         the resident involvement survey from Tenants’ Council (11 May 2016), which related to the proposals put forward in the October Cabinet report as opposed to the commission’s recommendations, only had 51% in support of the changes and a third did not know enough to comment, whilst the low response rate (6.5%) highlighted a lack of endorsement;

    ·         Tenants’ and Leaseholders’ Councils sent their own surveys to tenants and residents associations (TRAs) and 84% said they did not support the changes proposed in October’s report;

    ·         there was a lack of detail of how the proposed bodies would function;

    ·         Tenants’ and Leaseholders’ Councils executives were keen to work with the Council, but felt they and key resident representatives should have been involved from the beginning, and did not reflect well on the Council’s wish for co-production;

    ·         it was stated that Leaseholders’ Council suggested many of the proposals when aiming to achieve better value for money on major works;

    ·         it was unclear to many representatives why the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Resolution of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee Call In: Investing in better neighbourhoods and building the homes we need to house the people of Lambeth - Cressingham Gardens Estate pdf icon PDF 182 KB

    Report 247/16-17


    Non-key decision

    Tulse Hill Ward


    Strategic Director Corporate Affairs: Jackie Belton

    Cabinet Member for Housing: Councillor Matthew Bennett


    Contact: Gary O’Key, Lead Scrutiny Officer, 020 7926 2183,

    Additional documents:


    The Chair of Overview and Scrutiny, Councillor Ed Davie, introduced the paper and noted:

    ·           housing management and regeneration was often a fraught process, and this was the second time Cressingham Gardens estate had come to Overview and Scrutiny;

    ·           it had been a heated meeting and praise was given for resident’s input, and to the ward councillor, Mary Atkins, for her representation of residents who had expressed feeling intimidated;

    ·           the Council wanted residents to be involved in decision-making but it was unacceptable for persons to feel frightened and unable to take part, and this was reflected in recommendation 3 calling for a protocol to set out standards of behaviour;

    ·           recommendation 1 noted that the regeneration process had not been ideal, and it was important that a lessons learnt exercise take place when appropriate, but subsequent regeneration programmes had better resident involvement and were less controversial;

    ·           recommendation 2 was to consider the recommendations of the Resident Involvement in Housing Scrutiny Commission to ensure future best practice;

    ·           recommendation 4 was for further scrutiny over the total costs for those living on the estate so that these did not become prohibitive, as the council wanted to genuinely create affordable housing for present and future residents;

    ·           recommendation 5 was to review part-owned/part-rent and section 20 notices;

    ·           recommendation 6 detailed the Council’s commitment to financial transparency and full and robust financial risk management to look at the long-term viability of the scheme and of the Housing Revenue Account; and,

    ·           that OSC had been near a complete consensus on its recommendations.


    The Leader of the Council, Councillor Lib Peck, thanked Councillor Ed Davie for his comprehensive feedback.



    1.         To receive the resolution and report of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee Call-in: Cressingham Gardens Estate.

    2.         To agree the response to be provided to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Appendix 1).