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Cabinet - Monday 9 February 2015 7.00 pm

Venue: Room 8, Lambeth Town Hall, Brixton Hill, SW2 1RW. View directions

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Declarations of Pecuniary Interest

Under Cabinet Rule 1.5.2, where any Cabinet Member has a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest (as defined in the Members’ Code of Conduct (para. 4)) in any matter to be considered at a meeting of the Council, a committee, sub-committee or joint committee, they must withdraw from the meeting room during the whole of the consideration of that matter and must not participate in any vote on that matter unless a dispensation has been obtained from the Monitoring Officer.


There were none.


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RESOLVED: That the minutes of the previous meeting held on 12 January, 2015 be approved and signed by the Chair as a correct record of the proceedings.


It was also noted that Cabinet received an open letter from the Parent and Community Campaign, ABS2FormEntry.


Revenue & Capital Budget 2015/16 - Provisional Budget Strategy 2016/17 - 2017/18 pdf icon PDF 434 KB

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    (Report 151/14-15 and appendices)


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    Contact for enquiries: Frank Higgins, Head of Financial Strategy, 020 7926 9316


    Reason for Exemption from Disclosure


    Appendix 7B is exempt from publication by virtue of the following paragraph of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972:


    3. Information relating to the financial or business affairs of a particular person. (Including the authority holding that information).




    Additional documents:


    (Report 151/14-15 and appendices) (Key decision – call-in deadline Friday 20 February 2015)


    The Deputy Leader, Finance and Investment introduced the report and started by thanking Overview and Scrutiny for their views on the budget and all of the recommendations they made had been considered. He went on to highlight that delivering the budget would be a challenge and the Council needed to ensure that the message to local residents on the implications of the budget were  clear. Central Government had targeted local authorities and deprived areas and if the national picture did not change there would be more cuts down the line and options become more and more limited.  Core funding had already been cut by 50% which had resulted in losing 1000 Council staff. Equalities objectives were at the heart of a fair and balanced budget and sound financial management was also vital going forward. As in previous years an outcomes-based budgeting approach was being used to ensure the most important services were retained and those most in need were supported.


    After 6 years of no rise in Council Tax this year the Administration have had no choice but to make a small increase. Demands were higher and longer term the Council would continue to support local businesses and grow the local economy. The Council continued to adopt a positive approach and the commitment to work with local people to determine what services matter the most remained a top priority.


    Cabinet received representations from Jon Rogers, representing a collective of Trade Unions, he addressed Cabinet and said the following:

    ·         The Council had lost 28% of its workforce however there was not less work which was unacceptable.

    ·         There continued to be an excessive use of agency staff which reflected the lack of control frontline managers had on the situation and that needed to be looked at.

    ·         The current staffing structure needed to be revisited and it did not reflect reality of how the organisation actually worked.

    ·         A change of economic policy was needed nationally and locally, the Trade Unions were keen to continue working with the Council on minimising effects of  the cuts but were reaching their limit on what could be tolerated. 


    The Chair of Overview and Scrutiny, Councillor Ed Davie addressed Cabinet and shared the views of Overview and Scrutiny:

    ·         There was a disproportionate use of consultants and agency staff compared to other boroughs and that needed to be looked at.

    ·         They supported the integration of health services officers needed to be realistic about the savings and the work involved as there were considerable risks.

    ·         There was wide engagement with Overview and Scrutiny on the Budget proposals which resulted in a number of recommendations, and were glad that these had been considered.  


    The Interim Chief Executive responded on the issue of agency workers and advised that the Council used agency staff for a number of reasons such as being able to retain flexibility in certain areas, using agency staff where the Council were unable to commit to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Revenue and Capital Budget 2015/16 - 2017/18: Views of Overview and Scrutiny Committee pdf icon PDF 114 KB

    (Report 149/14-15)


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    Contact for enquiries: Elaine Carter, Lead Scrutiny Officer, 020 7926 0027,


    This report was taken as part of Item 3, Revenue and Capital Budget 2015/16.


Transforming Adult Mental Health Rehabilitation services pdf icon PDF 778 KB

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    (Report 152/14-15 and appendices)


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    Contact for enquiries: Denis O’Rourke, 0791 788 3008,


    Additional documents:


    (Report 152/14-15 and appendices) (Key decision – call-in deadline Friday 20 February 2015)



    The Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing introduced the report as highlighted:

    ·         That this report sought approval for the Council to enter into a partnership agreement with NHS Lambeth CCG to pool commissioning budgets for mental health rehabilitation services.

    ·         This work had been supported through the Lambeth Living Well Collaborative (LLWC)

    ·         These proposals would deliver c23% savings.


    He also thanked all the officer involved in making this happen and particularly praised the Director of Integrated Commissioning, Moira McGrath and Assistant Director Mental Health & Adults (Integrated Commissioning) at NHS Lambeth, Denis O’Rourke.


    Cabinet Members were pleased with this approach and said that:

    ·         We needed a way to deal with issues differently and this was a new way of dealing with old problems.

    ·         Good governance and partnership structures out the Council in a better position to deal with any issues and risks.

    ·         They were pleased to see that more support would be given to help people back to work.




    1)         That the proposed section 75 partnership agreement between NHS Lambeth CCG and Lambeth Council to support the commissioning of the Integrated Personalised Support Alliance (IPSA) Agreement, with the provision of a pooled fund and lead commissioning arrangement, led by NHS Lambeth CCG be agreed

    2)         That the award of two years contract with provision for a one year extension. To take the form of an Integrated Personalised Support Alliance Agreement (and allied NHS standard contracts) to support service transformation as set out in this report be agreed

    3)         That the proposed financial contribution to the proposed pooled fund as set out in the report be agreed.

    4)         To delegate the final sign off of the Section 75 Partnership Agreement and Alliance Agreement to the Chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board.



Lambeth Draft Revised Statement of Community Involvement pdf icon PDF 102 KB

    (Report 150/14-15 and appendices)


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    Contact for enquiries: Alan Vinall, Delivery Lead, Planning Strategy and Policy, 020 7926 1212,


    Additional documents:


    (Report 153/14-15 and appendices) (Non-Key decision)


    The Cabinet Member for Jobs and Growth introduced the report and highlighted that Statement of Community Involvement was now out of date due to changes in planning legislation and needed to be updated. This report was seeking approval to go out for consultation.


    The Assistant Director for Planning advised that changes would deliver savings without affecting the service. The main aim was to reduce consultation costs and move to people to cheaper and more effective channels of engagement.


    Cabinet Members were pleased with this approach but felt the title of the exercise did not highlight this was specifically for planning and wanted that to be made clear to the public.




    (1)  That the draft revised Statement of Community Involvement (Appendix 1) for public consultation between February and March 2015 be agreed.