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Introduction and Declaration of Pecuniary Interests

    Under Standing Order 4.4, where any councillor has a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest (as defined in the Members’ Code of Conduct (para. 4)) in any matter to be considered at a meeting of the Council, a committee, sub-committee or joint committee, they must withdraw from the meeting room during the whole of the consideration of that matter and must not participate in any vote on that matter unless a dispensation has been obtained from the Monitoring Officer.




    Councillor Donatus Anyanwu, Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee (OSC) welcomed everyone to the meeting.


    The Chair explained that the minutes of the previous meeting were not ready at the time of publication.  They had since been published and would appear on the 14 March meeting agenda for confirmation.


    There were no declarations.


Draft Lambeth Transport Strategy pdf icon PDF 312 KB

    (All wards)


    Contact for information: Simon Phillips, Transport and Public Realm Strategy Manager; 020 7926 4067,

    Additional documents:


    Councillor Claire Holland, Cabinet Member for Environment and Clean Air introduced the report by highlighting the following:

    ·         The strategy was a very comprehensive document devised in draft form for the first time on transport in Lambeth, although commissions, reports and action plans had been previously produced. 

    ·         The strategy aimed to deliver a healthier and cleaner Lambeth, despite the Council being the leader on cycling within the borough.  However, the Council wanted to promote more walking and accessible public transport for residents in order to consider air pollution.

    ·         The consultation for the strategy carried out by the Council produced significant and good responses from residents.  Through those responses, for example, the Council learned that Lambeth’s own evaluation and discussions with Transport for London (TfL) around making road safety more prominent.  Also, Lambeth signed up to Vision Zero that seeks to eradicate all fatal and serious road accidents on the streets of London, which would be a priority for Lambeth.

    ·         The Council were in the process of considering those responses, aimed at developing a Transport Implementation Plan (TIP) to set out the Council’s intentions and timelines.  The TIP, when published, would be made available to the Committee.


    The Chair then invited residents who wished to speak on the Transport Strategy to address the Committee.


    Antony Garvey, local resident, said that:

    ·         He was trying to become involved in the Quietway implementation in Thurlow Park Ward for a number of years.

    ·         Despite living in an area where numerous school children travelled to school, the roads were considered to be unsuitable for pedestrians and cyclists with the 20mph limit totally being ignored.

    ·         The roads were dangerous with inadequate crossings which put children at risk and prevented them cycling when they travelled to and from school.  Also, the temporary Turney/Rosendale Road junction created many years ago remained impossible for pedestrians to cross safely. 

    ·         Although funding had been put aside, issues existed regarding the Quietway plans.

    ·         Residents had dedicated their time in the consultation process and he hoped that their efforts would be recognised.


    Clare Neely, Lambeth Cyclists/Loughborough Junction Forum, made reference to comments made in the consultation response and said that:

    ·         The LIP 3 year investment programme

    The Healthy Routes Plan described as the leading programme had only been allocated 7% of the budget, despite evidence shown from TfL’s “Travel in London” report that cycling mode share in Lambeth had fallen from 5% to 4% over five years.  However, evidence showed that TfL’s Healthy Routes, low traffic neighbourhood, approach was delivering real, measurable, change to cycling and walking in boroughs such as Waltham Forest and in Croydon the first school streets had delivered a 28% fall in trips by car and a 35% increase in active travel.

    Traffic calming as a spending area remained an issue in Lambeth.  Despite problematic roads, such rat running and high speed roads being identified, the Council tended to invest funding in further traffic-calming measures, which had no effect.  Therefore Lambeth Cyclists welcomed a different approach.

    ·         Transport and social justice

    Lambeth  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.


Equality Streets Scrutiny Commission - Action Plan Update pdf icon PDF 216 KB

    (All wards)


    Contact for information: Simon Phillips, Transport and Public Realm Strategy Manager; 020 7926 4067,


    Additional documents:


    Councillor Nigel Haselden, Commission Co-Chair, introduced the report and explained the rationale for the Commission and provided an update on developments, outlined in the Action Plan, since its implementation in 2015.   


    The Assistant Director for Highways further explained that:

    ·         The Council worked to eradicate uneven pavements wherever possible when all footways were being resurfaced when it was economical viable to do so.  Under the Highway Improvement Programme all streets were checked and walks with ward councillors undertaken to ensure that streets were examined.

    ·         Christiania Cargo Bikes were costly and the Council felt owners would be unwilling to leave them parked outside in the open but the Council continued to work with its suppliers Cycle Hoop to make this happen.


    The Chair invited speakers to address the Committee.


    Robert Hill, former councillor and co-chair of the Commission, said that:

    ·         He was delighted with the achievements made since the Commission had been implemented four years ago.

    ·         He was pleased that two-way cycling in one-way streets had been progressed which would reduce traffic issues in Streatham.  Also, that staff training had been delivered to recognise the impact of uneven road surfaces and provide support for people with mobility difficulties.


    Claire Clare Neely, Lambeth Cyclists/Loughborough Junction Forum said that:

    ·         Reduced car ownership was key to reducing car use.

    ·         New CPZs imposed in Hackney, reduced car parking to include cycle hangars and parklets.

    ·         Lambeth Cyclists wished to see existing CPZ spaces close to retail parades reallocated for deliveries and heavy goods vehicle pick-up.

    ·         On behalf of the Loughborough Junction Forum a 24-hour bus clearway on Coldharbour Lane through the junction, reallocating side street CPZ space for servicing retail should be considered.

    ·         In relation to two-way working streets, if parking occurred on both sides, this puts cycling in the car dooring zone which could lead to collisions or accidents being caused.  Therefore, walking and cycling should always be prioritised when CPZs were created to ensure that sufficient space was available for people.


    Councillor Claire Holland, Cabinet Member for Environment and Clean Air, expressed her thanks to all officers and Commission Councillors for all their hard work.


    The Chair then opened up the discussion to members of the Committee and in response to questions, the following points from the Transport and Public Realm Strategy Manager, and the Assistant Director for Parking and Enforcement, were noted:

    ·         It was believed that on-street charge points as part of the planning applications process had been secured by the Council for the Metropolitan Clapham Park Estate development but the matter would be investigated.  The new Local Plan would ensure that such initiatives were acquired from developers for future developments.

    ·         Work by the Council to consider the impact of parking for local businesses and shops would be commissioned as part of the Brixton Liveable Neighbourhood bid, should the Council be successful.  Although TfL had carried out research, it was appreciated that a Lambeth study in that area was required.

    ·         Technology to ensure that both Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) and Fixed Penalty  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Accessibility of Council Digital Services Scrutiny Commission - Action Plan Update pdf icon PDF 175 KB

    (All wards)


    Contact for information: Matt Cooper, Senior ICT Manager (Client Services), Customer Services and ICT; 0207 926 3149,

    Additional documents:


    Councillor Jim Dickson, Cabinet Member for the Voluntary Sector, Partnerships & Community Safety (Job Share), introduced the report by making the following the following points:

    ·         He welcomed that the Action Plan was again being considered by the Committee because:

    1.    As further services by the Council were being digitalised, there was a need to ensure that access and inclusion for residents was correct;

    2.    The recommendations made from the scrutiny commission had proved useful and provided assistance when the Council’s new Digital Strategy had been formed. 

    3.    During the past 18 months the Council worked hard to provide adequate training and ensure microsites were removed, to guarantee that those remaining sites adhered with the new Digital Strategy.  Also, ensuring that IT equipment placed in Lambeth’s libraries and the Customer Service Centre, be tested to ensure Members were satisfied and he welcomed feedback on that aspect. 


    The Senior IT Manager for Client Services, highlighted that:

    ·         He echoed the points made by Councillor Dickson.

    ·         He paid tribute to Commission Members past and present, and Gary O’Key, for their contributions and hard work.

    ·         Although improvements to digital services were ongoing, the Council were in a better place to move forward.


    The Chair invited Members to raise any issues and in response, the following matters were highlighted:

    ·         The Council’s website appeared to be unsuitable for some residents despite having a Digital Strategy.  It was suggested that the Council’s website should be more easily accessible for residents similar to the website. 

    ·         Some residents preferred not to use MyLambeth to access their information, to prevent junk emails being received.

    ·         There was a need to consider data protection for people using the website.

    ·         Access to the website for residents that did not speak English should be considered to ensure they received digital services.


    The Senior IT Manager for Client Services, responded to the points raised as follows:

    ·         He appreciated that residents received numerous junk emails as a result of accessing MyLambeth.  This had occurred as a result of a new tool being installed that allowed users to self-select content.

    ·         The MyLambeth account provided residents with secure and flexible access to their information and data protection regulations had been complied with.  The updated module, expected within a few years, would ensure sign-in was restricted solely to accessing services.  This would ensure materials relating to the Council are segregated and made available in another area of the website. 

    ·         A mobile app was now available that provided translation to residents with limited English and was very effective.  A google search translate also existed on the website, although not always effective.  The new website build would comprise of a suitable translation tool to assist that service.   Members emphasised the importance of the app also being made available on the Council’s website, to ensure residents would be able to use the service.

    ·         Once funding became available the website would be improved to encompass British Sign Language/English for Speakers of other Languages (ESOL) videos.

    ·         He endeavoured to provide an update to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


2018-19 Overview & Scrutiny Committee Work Programme pdf icon PDF 186 KB

    (All wards)


    Contact for Information: Gary O’Key, Senior Democratic Services Officer; 020 7926 2183;  

    Additional documents:


    The Committee discussed the work programme.


    Opposition Councillors felt that the next meeting scheduled for 14 March 2019 should not solely focus on employment as there were limited levers available to the Council in this regard and unemployment figures were currently very low; at the same time there were many other issues worthy of scrutiny such as Homes for Lambeth or contract management/procurement. The Chair clarified that committee agenda items were decided in consultation with relevant Members and officers and there were many factors to take into account, but that all committee Members’ views would be listened to.




    1.      That the work programme as drafted and the status of actions be noted (Appendix 1).