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UPDATE TITLE TO REPORT NAME - LGO and ICO Investigations - Lambeth Planning

Meeting: 31/03/2022 - Corporate Committee (Item 11)

11 Published Ombudsman Report - Planning Service pdf icon PDF 369 KB

(Wards: St Leonard’s)


Report Authorised by: Eleanor Purser and Sara Waller: Strategic Directors for Sustainable Growth and Opportunity


Contact for enquiries: Rob Bristow, Director Planning, Transport and Sustainability, 020 7926 2201,


Additional documents:


The Clerk noted that this item report formed part of two complaints from the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman (LGSCO) and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), however the ICO report was a separate item and outside the remit of the meeting.


Rob Bristow, Director of Planning, Transport and Sustainability, introduced the report and responded to questions as follows:

·           Officers would discuss the ICO report outside the meeting.

·           The Planning Application Committee’s (PAC’s) terms of reference were felt to have been applied properly and these were explained in planning reports, in addition to how planning conditions and policy were considered and applied.

·           Planning reports had been improved since the LGO judgment and now had an additional sub-section that specifically referenced the terms of reference.

·           Lambeth had a clear planning policy.

·           It was not feasible to directly compare Lambeth’s planning committee to Wandsworthas, for example, they did not allow public speaking during their hearings.


RESOLVED by 4 votes to 1:

1.         To note the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman’s (LGSCO) findings and recommendations, as detailed in paragraph 2.1 to 2.12 below.

2.         To note the improvements introduced.

3.         To note the Council has agreed to the remedies recommended by the LGSCO.