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Internal Audit and Counter Fraud Plan 2022-23

Meeting: 31/03/2022 - Corporate Committee (Item 7)

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Report Authorised by:Fiona McDermott: Strategic Director for Finance and Investment


Contact for enquiries: Justin Martin, Chief Audit Executive, 07881 802 336


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Justin Martin, Chief Audit Executive, introduced the report and responded as follows:

·           There had been a special session of Corporate Committee in January and input from this meeting had been incorporated into the 2022-23 Plans.

·           Appendix 1 detailing carbon neutrality by 2050 was an error and it should have been 2030.

·           Internal Audit’s budget was 8% smaller than in 2020-21 and it was not possible to audit all items. 

·           Items could be substituted on request, although the Chief Audit Executive was content with the programme, however justification for long periods without audit would be provided in future.

·           Lambeth operated in a high-risk environment and in-year substitutions were likely to be made.

·           Climate risks and mitigations were developing, and PwC had invested considerable resources to develop measurable criteria and methods to demonstrate carbon neutrality.

·           The conflict in Ukraine and energy concerns might be expected to affect carbon neutrality, although it could also help drive measures to become carbon neutral.



1.         To approve the draft Internal Audit and Counter Fraud Plans for 2022/23.