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Work Programme

Meeting: 01/03/2022 - Housing Scrutiny Sub-Committee (Item 7)

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Report authorised by: Andrew Pavlou: Interim Director of Legal and Governance


Contact for enquiries: David Rose, Democratic Services Officer, 020 7926 1037,  


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The Chair introduced the Sub-Committee’s Work Programme item detailing provisional items and themes for the rest of the municipal year.  In discussion, the Sub-Committee noted the following items be included as potential areas for further scrutiny and would discuss further outside the meeting:

·           To escalate the overdue reply to Gerlinde Gniewosz.

·           To scrutinise leaseholders’ policies and working in more detail, particularly on insurance, subsistence and for those in mixed-use buildings.

·           To review the reaction and response for residents impacted by recent storms and resultant damage, particularly the emergency situation on Cressingham Gardens.

·           To bring the Housing Strategy for further scrutiny.

·           To receive a paper on repairs on regeneration estates.

·           To hold a briefing session to discuss this years’ work programme and input into topics of consideration for the next municipal year’s housing scrutiny.



1.         To consider and approve the work programme as currently drafted (Appendix 1) and identify and prioritise matters for future scrutiny of Housing.