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Meeting: 01/03/2022 - Housing Scrutiny Sub-Committee (Item 6)

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Report authorised by: Bayo Dosunmu: Strategic Director for Resident Services


Contact for enquiries: Chris Flynn, Assistant Director Home Ownership and Rents,



The Cabinet Member for Housing and Homelessness, Councillor Maria Kay; Neil Euesden, Director for Housing; Tim Fairhurst, Assistant Director for Neighbourhood Housing; and Linda Elliott, Head of Estate Services, introduced the report.


In response to Member’s questions, the Cabinet Member and officers stated the following:

·           Resident-drafted Estate Action Plans were available on the Council’s website for all residents, which were reviewed by housing officers.

·           Lambeth recognised further improvements were needed after the Estate Action Plans, to match residents’ ambition and to incorporate other services, and had devised the overarching Estate Services Improvement Action Plan.

·           Resident satisfaction had declined and officers were identifying and reviewing causes, such as grounds maintenance, which would then be shared with contractors who would provide comments on how they would progress works. These would subsequently be put into the Improvement Action Plan, covering all contracts and different elements of council services.

·           Estate Action Plans were originally developed by residents during meetings with housing officers to understand issues facing residents and were often simply a list of actions to undertake.

·           The Improvement Plans were more critical and sought to tackle residents’ satisfaction and overarching estate actions required.

·           Resident groups owned Estate Action Plans and the Council worked with them to progress.

·           The Estate Improvement Plan was ambitious and included resident engagement and repairs in a complicated process that built on pre-existing plans.

·           Resident health and wellbeing strongly correlated with estate condition and was a key consideration during improvement works, such as providing high-quality ballcourts and community gardens.

·           CCTV was being refreshed to improve safety and were included in the Improvement Plans.

·           Lambeth had ordered dual use bins so that dog fouling could be collected by contractors, and stickers had been placed on normal litter bins to notify of this dual use.

·           The Council was trialling digital advertising to push messaging and to promote and attract local businesses, in addition to reviewing electric vehicle charging provision.

·           Tree planting was under review with 20-30 estates identified to receive more planting.



1.         Further information and clarity was needed to detail:

a.         the hierarchy of aims and performance indicators to enable monitoring;

b.         more reasoning behind the aims detailed in the Plan; and,

c.         how wider strategies linked into the Plan.

2.         To review the status of Estate Action Plans and how Tenant and Resident Associations (TRAs) were to co-produce the Improvement Plan.

3.         To ensure the Estates Services Improvement Plan included underlying Estate Action Plans.