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Meeting: 17/12/2018 - Cabinet (Item 4)

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Cabinet Member for Adults and Health: Councillor Jacqui Dyer

Fiona Connolly: Acting Strategic Director for Adults and Health


Contact: Hannah Jameson, Head of Policy and Partnerships, Policy and Communications,0207 926 6918, 


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The report was introduced by the Cabinet Member for Adults and Health, Councillor Jacqui Dyer, and the Director of Integrated Commissioning, Moira McGrath, who highlighted that:

·           the purpose of this report was to provide an update on the work that had taken place to integrate health and care in Lambeth;

·           the report also set out what was needed to progress to the next stage, including changes to leadership and governance; and,

·           the report followed the report of November 2017 where Cabinet were asked to agree to establish Lambeth Together and the associated transition programme as the means of creating an integrated system for health and care in Lambeth.


Members of Cabinet made the following observations:

·           this was an excellent example of partnership working and it was possible to improve outcomes and make savings;

·           it was acknowledged that there were big challenges to come and the mobilisation of the community would be key in delivering this;

·           there were risks as Kings College had financial challenges and there was a shortage of key staff across NHS England. Partnership working was complicated and it was not possible to control demand;

·           this was about partnership with our community members; and,

·           thanks were offered to everyone who had been involved, with thanks to Councillor Jim Dickson and to the officers that had developed this initiative.



1)         To note progress to date in integrating health and care in Lambeth, and to confirm Lambeth Together as the means for delivering our integrated health and care ambitions in Lambeth as part of the South East London Integrated Care Systems approach.

2)         To approve the overall scope of Local Care Networks (LCNs) for Neighbourhood Based Care and Wellbeing.

3)         To approve the development of a proposed procurement approach, subject to formal decisions of CCG/Council in Quarter 4 2018/19. This will include shadow arrangements for 2019/20 and full contract arrangements for 2020/21.

4)         To approve to seek formal support across partner organisations to endorse these recommendations and approach - to include securing commitment for the 2019/20 shadow arrangements.

5)         To agree to progress the development of proposals on future governance for Lambeth Together from April 2019. This will include the role of the Health and Wellbeing Board and Committee/s in Common.

6)         To agree to progress with and develop proposals for future integrated Council/CCG leadership of Lambeth Together.