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Revised draft Statement of Community Involvement

Meeting: 14/09/2015 - Cabinet (Item 4)

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Report 69/15-16


Key Decision

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Cabinet Member for Business and Growth: Councillor Jack Hopkins

Strategic Director, Neighbourhoods and Growth: Sue Foster


Contact: Doug Black, Lead Planning Strategy and Policy, Business Growth and Regeneration

Email: Telephone: 0207 926 4065


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The Cabinet Member for Jobs and Growth, Councillor Jack Hopkins, commended the good work of the SPD, but noted that a few typographical errors remained and needed correction.  This policy balanced the needs of growth whilst retaining a commitment to heritage, and was generally more permissive of areas for development, going beyond requests of civic groups. He noted that the Council, civic groups and residents had worked positively together to come to healthy compromises, citing growing houses internally instead of forcing residents to relocate.


Officers commented that this was an important piece of work, and met the desire of residents to grow families and homes, not having to move – usually to the south of, or out of, the borough due to increasing house prices.  These residents wanted to stay in their chosen locations and the Council felt that this was important.  This was balanced with other opinions, and had involved much work and high levels of involvement (noting the Ferndale area).  Officers concluded by extending their thanks to local groups in reaching this agreement.


Cabinet Members made the following points:

·         The Leader of the Council, Councillor Lib Peck, echoed these statements and commented upon the community interest in her ward, whilst noting the constraints and effects of previous policies.

·         The Deputy Leader (Finance and Investment), Councillor Paul McGlone, thanked officers and residents for delivering a pragmatic and consistent planning policy, which would hopefully resolve development guidelines; but enquired whether this could be used to force bad examples of conversions.

·         The Deputy Leader (Policy), Councillor Imogen Walker, noted that the plan represented a common-sense balancing act and enquired whether planning applications could be backdated.

·         The Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability, Councillor Jennifer Brathwaite, enquired around issues of wrap-around extensions and whether it related to single storeys and on which floors.


Officers replied that:

·         The only time that new policy would be retrospective was in enforcement matters as it was about going forward. 

·         On wrap-around extensions, these would be resisted around conservation or heritage areas, but would be considered acceptable on ground floors.



1)      To note the summary of consultation responses at Appendix 2.

2)      Subject to the adoption of the Lambeth Local Plan 2015 to agree to adopt the final draft Building Alterations and extensions SPD at Appendix 3.

3)      To note that the Building Alterations and extensions SPD would supersede the Residential Alterations and Extensions SPD (2008).