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New Alterations and Extensions Supplementary Planning Document

Meeting: 12/01/2015 - Cabinet (Item 4)

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(Report No: 128/14-15)

Key decision, all wards


Report Authorised by: Sue Foster, Strategic Director Delivery


Portfolio: Councillor Jack Hopkins, Cabinet Member for Business and Growth


Contact for enquiries:

Doug Black, Delivery Lead Conservation and Urban Design, 020 7926 4065,


Additional documents:


(Report 128/14-15) (Non-Key Decision)


The Cabinet Member for Jobs and Growth introduced the report.


Cabinet received the following representations


·         Councillor Diana Morris, Chair of Planning Applications Committee, noted she had been involved in the development of the document as part of the work undertaken by the Planning and Development Cabinet Advisory Panel. She had dealt with a large number of residents in her role as a ward councillor and was well aware of the large number of families struggling to deal with growing families and lack of provision for extending their existing homes. She therefore welcomed the proposals which also included options for such residents to extend existing homes in the future.

·         Mark Buttery, local resident in Ferndale ward, made reference to a previously submitted petition on this issue and noted that he was pleased to see that the proposals had taken into account the concerns raised by residents in respect of providing options for extending mansard roofs in the future. Many houses in the borough would allow for this new provision, which would allow residents to extend their properties into the roof space. He finally suggested that mansard extensions should be allowed for both heritage and non-heritage buildings and therefore suggested a slight amendment to paragraph 4.2.3 in the report.


The Assistant Director, Planning and Development, noted that the document had been developed with the aim of building in greater flexibility into the framework and the policy had very much achieved that by providing a good balance for the future. He thanked Mark Buttery for his contribution and acknowledged the inconsistency in the report highlighted and provided assurance that this would be addressed. He also thanked Councillor Diana Morris for her comments which were very valuable and would be considered.    


The Deputy Leader, Finance and Investment, stated that the policy addressed many of the concerns raised by residents and noted the need to continue to be fair and consistent around these policies in the future.


The Leader of the Council thanked officers and residents groups for their proactive approach in developing this document.




(1)          To note and agree the content of the draft Alterations and Extensions SPD (2014) in Appendix 1.

(2)          To note and agree the proposals for public consultation.