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Lambeth Child Employment By Laws

Meeting: 10/11/2014 - Cabinet (Item 7)

7 Lambeth Child Employment Bylaws pdf icon PDF 97 KB

(Report No 88/14-15)

Key decision – all wards


Report Authorised by: Strategic Director for Delivery – Sue Foster


Portfolio: Cabinet Member for Children & Adult Services: Councillor Jackie Meldrum


Contact for enquiries:

Keisha Rose (Child Employment Officer), 020 7926 9827,



Additional documents:


(Report 88/14-15) (Key decision – call-in deadline Friday 21 November 2014)


The Cabinet Member for Children and Adults’ Services introduced the report, which recommended the adoption of model bylaws, updating those currently in place, to protect children from exploitation from employers in the borough. These would go to Full Council for approval before being signed off by the Secretary of State.


The Cabinet Member for Jobs and Growth stated that he believed the approval of the bylaws would be helpful in delivering the Administration’s manifesto commitments regarding apprenticeships and work experience opportunities for young people but stressed the need to look at the practicalities of how such opportunities could be opened up.




(1) To note the contents of the Employment of Children Bylaws attached at Appendix A.


(2) To recommend to Council that it adopt the Bylaws.



In closing the meeting, the Leader of the Council explained that this was Derrick Anderson’s last Cabinet meeting as he would be standing down as Chief Executive in December. Derrick had been at Lambeth since 2006 and was hugely respected and influential. She wished to record her thanks for his contribution to improving services as well as his leadership and the culture change which had occurred in the Council, the success of which was reflected in the latest residents’ survey results. He would be greatly missed. Members showed their appreciation for Derrick with a round of applause.