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Corporate Parenting Board

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Information about Corporate Parenting Board


The Council has Corporate Parenting responsibility for Children Looked After (CLA) and Care Leavers up to the age of 25.  The council endeavours to treat CLA and Care Leavers as “their own” children. 


The Corporate Parenting Board (CPB) acts to assist the Council in continuing to fulfil its legal obligations and responsibilities towards CLA and leaving care under the Children Act 1989, Children Leaving Care Act 2000, Children and Families Act 2014 and all associated legislation, regulations and statutory guidance pertaining to CLA and Care Leavers within England.


The CPB meets five times per year and an annual Work Programme is agreed in April each year.


Terms of reference


1.         To ensure that the Council and all its partners (residents, businesses, public agencies, and the wider community) have a joint commitment to corporate parenting to ensure ongoing improvements for children and young people who are CLA and Care Leavers.


2.         To oversee and monitor the implementation of the CLA Strategy, and the quality and effectiveness of services, to ensure that they fulfil the council’s responsibilities and achieve good outcomes for CLA and Care Leavers.


3.         To directly receive the views of CLA and Care Leavers via the CiCC (Children in Care Council) mechanisms and annual consultations to ensure their views and experiences directly influence decision making.


4.         To advise on and monitor:


a.    the implementation and progress of relevant legislation and government guidance and its impacts to ensure services are responsive to the needs of CLA and Care Leavers;


b.    the quality and effectiveness of key services commissioned and delivered across the council and partner agencies; and,


c.    key performance indicators on a quarterly basis regarding the quality of life outcomes for CLA and Care Leavers in relation to health, educational attainment, accommodation, employment, and training.


5.         To ensure that the voice and opinions of as wide a range as possible of  CLA and Care Leavers, including those with disabilities, are heard and that their views are used to co-produce services, shape policy and monitor performance.


6.         To receive reports in sufficient detail to undertake their strategic responsibilities on the work of all key agencies that provide services for CLA and Care Leavers including health, adoption and fostering, Lambeth Safeguarding Children’s Board, Virtual School, and Independent Reviewing Officers as required from the local authority and partner agencies. 


7.         To maintain a strategic overview of the development of new policies, procedures and initiatives to ensure these are in line with local and national priorities and objectives including the Corporate Parenting Strategy and CLA Strategy; and that they will effectively meet the needs of CLA and Care Leavers.


8.         To make recommendations (through the Chair) to decision makers in Lambeth Council and its strategic partners as it deems appropriate to fulfil its Corporate Parenting duty.


9.         To consider recommendations from internal and external inspections and reviews (for example, Ofsted inspections), to agree the actions needed to address any issues identified, and to evaluate the implementation of any plans agreed that are relevant to CLA and Care Leavers.





Councillor membership:

Councillor membership of the board is determined by the political make-up of the Council in conjunction with the guidelines laid down by Democratic Services:

·                Chair;

·                Vice Chair;

·                Statutory lead member for Children;


·                Councillor appointed to the Adoption and Permanence Panel;

·                Councillor appointed to the Fostering Panel;

·                Any 2 other Councillors (excluding those already appointed);

·                One named substitute Member; and, 


Service User Membership:

·                Chair of the Children in Care Council;

·                Deputy Chair of the Children in Care Council; and,

·                Chair of the Lambeth Foster Care Association.


Partner Membership

·                Designated Doctor, CLA; or Designated Nurse, CLA;

·                General Manager, GSTT Community Children’s Services; and,

·                Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) representative.


Officer membership:

·                Director, Children's Social Care;

·                Director, Strategy and Commissioning, Children;

·                IRO Service Manager;

·                Advocacy, Participation and Children’s Rights Officer; and,

·                Head of Virtual School.


Attendance: as required in accordance with forward plan

·                Delivery Director, Housing Management; 

·                Development Worker, Service Development Team;

·                Delivery Lead Children Looked After & Leaving Care;

·                Delivery Lead: MAT (Early Years);

·                Service Manager, Children with Disabilities;

·                Director, Education and Learning;

·                 Metropolitan Police Service; and,

·                Delivery Lead for Youth Offending Service.