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Adoption & Permanency Panel

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Information about Adoption & Permanency Panel

The Adoption and Permanency Panel considers permanency plans for all Lambeth Looked After Children.


The statutory role of the Panel is to consider (i) whether a child should be placed for adoption, (ii) whether a prospective adopter is suitable to be an adoptive parent, and (iii) whether a prospective adopter would be a suitable adoptive parent for a particular child or children (iv) whether a child/children should be fostered long term.


Under the regulations the Panel makes a recommendation to the Adoption Agency and a senior officer currently the Divisional Director Social Care, makes the decision as the representative of the Adoption Agency taking into account the recommendation (either affirmative or negative) of the Panel. 


Additionally, the Panel also considers whether a foster carer is suitable to care for a child or children long term.  In such instances the membership of the Panel must satisfy the additional requirements of the Fostering Regulations.


The Panel should be gender balanced as far as possible and include at least:


i)                    A medical advisor (more than 1 may be appointed)

ii)                  An elected Member of the council

iii)                3 independent members

iv)                2 social workers in the employment of the authority


but no more than 10 members in total.


Currently, one elected Member must sit on the Panel.  Where possible, this member should be either a member of the Corporate Parenting Board or the Cabinet Member with responsibility for Children's Services.