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Appointments Sub-Committee

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Information about Appointments Sub-Committee

Terms of Reference


(1)   To recommend to Council the appointment of the Chief Executive.


(2)   To make the appointment of other Chief Officers set out in Article 12.01(b) of this Constitution.


(3)   Should the Chief Executive (in consultation with such members as s/he deems necessary) so determines in any individual case, to make the appointment of the Deputy Chief Officers set out in Paragraph 4 of the Officer Employment Procedure Rules (which are set out in Part 4 of this Constitution).



With the exception of arrangements for the appointment of an Interim Chief Executive, all other interim appointments are to be conducted in accordance with the Council’s policy on Acting Arrangements.


The appointment activity to be carried out by the Sub-Committee will be to shortlist, interview, and appoint candidates (subject to the above terms of reference).


On occasions, more than one standing sub-committee may be in operation at any one time.




Five members which must include at least one member of the Cabinet.  For the avoidance of doubt, a meeting of the Appointments Sub-Committee shall not be regarded as inquorate solely because of the absence of the nominated Cabinet member.