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Terms of reference


1.    To establish a shared understanding of health and wellbeing outcomes for Lambeth’s population, including the variations in outcome for different groups within the borough.Including by ensuring Lambeth has in place an effective outcomes focused joint strategic needs assessment process that is actively informing decision making by all partners.  


2.    To set the strategic direction for action to improve and protect health and wellbeing and reduce inequalities. Including by agreeing a joint health and wellbeing strategy that clearly sets out the outcomes that the board and its partners will focus on improving and the intended beneficiaries of those improvements - to provide a strategic framework for local commissioning and delivery.


3.    To ensure citizens, communities and other stakeholders in Lambeth are fully involved in understanding health and wellbeing outcomes, identifying priorities and taking action to deliver improvement, through the active and comprehensive adoption of co-production and co-design approaches.


4.    To maximise the health and wellbeing outcomes achieved from the resources and assets available within the borough. 


5.    To provide leadership for the transformation of local services through culture change based in principles of coproduction, prevention, personalisation and integrated care.


6.    To enhance the accountability of public services to the people of Lambeth for their contribution to improving health and wellbeing outcomes in the borough.


7.    To engage, challenge and hold to account partner agencies in all of the above processes (but not to perform a formal scrutiny role which will remain the responsibility of the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committees).


8.    To provide a united voice to take forward the health and wellbeing interest of Lambeth with outside agencies


For a full list of Governance Arrangements please see the Council’s Constitution (Part 2, Section 2)