Agenda and minutes

Lambeth Together Strategic Board - Wednesday 26 January 2022 1.00 pm

Venue: TBC

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    Dr Dianne Aitken welcomed attendees to the meeting.



Declarations of Interest


    Members were asked to declare any conflicts of interests linked to the items on the agenda. No conflicts of interest were declared.



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                The minutes of the meeting of Wednesday 24 November 2021 were agreed as an accurate record of the meeting, pending clarification on two points: Neighbourhood & Wellbeing Delivery Alliance minutes, page 7, regarding Primary Care Networks and the Deep Dive - Homeless Health, page 10, regarding General Practice.



Introducing the Lambeth Together Care Partnership


    Andrew Eyres introduced the Board to the first Lambeth Together Care Partnership (LTCP) meeting in its shadow form and noted that:

    ·           The Health and Care Bill was at committee stage in Parliament and the start of the Integrated Care System (ICS) had been deferred to 1 July 2022.

    ·           Work was needed to establish the Integrated Care Board and disestablish Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) and a new Terms of Reference would reflect delegations of the ICS for Southeast London.

    ·           The Public Health team will lead work on a Joint Needs Assessment, as plans and strategies were being updated. 

    ·           Dr Di Aitken and Councillor Jim Dickson were introduced as the Co-Chairs of the LTCP.

    ·           A video of Board members reciting the Lambeth Together Pledge was played.



    1.      To note the report.


    To listen back to this item, refer to 1:08:48 to 1:22:00 of the recording.



Developing our Lambeth Together Care Partnership public voice in governance and the public forum pdf icon PDF 435 KB


    Catherine Flynn, Head of Communications and Engagement at NHS Lambeth CCG, presented recommendations to develop public involvement in LTCP and noted proposals to recruit two additional public voice members in addition to lay members, Healthwatch and Back Thrive.


    Gerry Evans, Engagement Manager for Lambeth Together, introduced the proposed Public Forum development plan, to connect communities and LTCP leadership, as well its development timeline which built on feedback from participants. Immediate, medium term and long-term actions were noted, to build positive relationship and reduce health inequalities. 


    During the discussion, it was noted that:

    ·           Public hesitancy to participate was noted, while the growing base of community bodies could encourage community participation.

    ·           In terms of meeting accessibility, a hybrid model of both digital and in person LTCP meetings could be explored.



    1.      To approve the proposals for recruitment of two additional patient/public voice members to the Lambeth Together Care Partnership Board

    2.      To approve the proposals for development of the Lambeth Together Public Forum.

    To listen back to this item, refer to 01:22:04 to 01:52:00 of the recording.


    The presentation accompanying this item, refer to pages 15 to 24 of the reports pack.



New Lambeth Emotional Health and Wellbeing Pilot for Children and Young People pdf icon PDF 503 KB

    Additional documents:


    Dan Stoten, Integrated Associated Director for Children’s Integrated Commissioning, and Harold Bennison, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Director at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, introduced the report and noted that the Pilot was in partnership with SLaM, the Well Centre, and Voluntary Sector Organisations.


    During the discussion, it was noted that:

    ·           The Pilot must engage the Patient and Carer Race Equality Framework (PCREF) to ensure the needs of Black young people were met.

    ·           The CCG contracted the Well Centre for service delivery and the pilot reinforced this.

    ·           Volunteer Support could be enhanced through conversations with Well Centre.

    ·           ‘Eco-Anxiety’ was on the rise and Living Well Networks provided access to a range of services to cater to a range of needs.

    ·           This was one of multiple Emotional Health and Wellbeing Pilots and did not offer a whole borough solution due to a variety of needs and routes to enable access.

    ·           Harold Bennison was to address wording on the aim to reduce demand on CAHMS, to reflect the aim to improve outcomes for young people.



    1.      To note progress and endorse the development of the Emotional Health and Wellbeing pilot with SLaM and the Well Centre.


    To listen back to this item, refer to 01:52:00 to 2:17:20.


    To view the presentation accompanying this item, refer to pages 29 to 31 of the reports pack.



Deep Dive - Substance Misuse pdf icon PDF 688 KB


    Robert Goodwin, Lead Commissioner for Substance Misuse LB Lambeth, introduced the report and noted partnership work across the council, health and social care systems.


    Cassie Dyer, Service Manager at We Are With You, provided background of the Lambeth Additions Consortium, established in 2010 as a combination of statutory and voluntary sectors to address range of support needs. 


    Mike Kelleher, consultant addiction psychiatrist and clinical lead to the Additions Consortium, noted that every General Practice, expect one, in the borough was part of the GP Shared Care and Recovery to provide local treatment and the Consortium worked in partnership with the voluntary, statutory and housing sectors.


    Martin Shields explained that peer and staff training raised awareness and Naloxone had saved lives, including nasal devises provided to hostel workers and peers of opioid users and that the United Kingdom constituted the highest rates of drug and alcohol related deaths in Europe.


    During the discussion, it was noted that:

    ·           After training, General Practitioners had received a ‘certificate in addictions’ and this should be reintroduced as standard practice, as GPs were key to the service.

    ·           Substance Misuse services were provided through Public Health Funds, not NHS. 

    ·           Preventative work was pushed through the Healthy Living Platform, and this covered brief interventions.

    ·           Occasionally, under 18s did access the service.

    ·           A joint needs assessment was being developed and unemployment support had been raised at suggestion of the Steering Group.

    ·           It was suggested that Black Thrive share provider contacts from across the borough.



    1.      That the Board Member would receive an update on the developments of the Integrated Treatment Consortium, including:

    ·            Performance of the Integrated Treatment Consortium

    ·            Partnership working across the consortium

    ·            Benefits of consortium working for service users

    ·            Future development.


    To listen back to this item, refer to 2:17:20 to 00:03:25 of the recordings.


    To view the presentation accompanying this item, refer to pages 37 to 47 of the reports pack.



Lambeth Together Assurance Sub-Group pdf icon PDF 241 KB

    Additional documents:


    Members were asked to note the report.



    1.      To note the accompanying report from the Lambeth Together Assurance Sub-Group.

    To view the report, refer to pages 63 to 107 of the reports pack.





    Dr Di Aitken thanked Andrew Parker and Brian Reynolds, for their service on the LTSB as they stepped down.


    The date of the next meeting was confirmed as 25 May 2022.