Agenda and minutes

Lambeth Together Strategic Board - Wednesday 21 July 2021 1.00 pm

Venue: Microsoft Teams - hosted by SEL CCG

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    Andrew Eyres as meeting Chair welcomed attendees to the meeting.


    Apologies were noted from Dr Raj Mitra.


    Andrew Eyres noted that there had been a question regarding the standard for publishing the questions and responses from previous public Forums. It was confirmed that the Board will be adopting a 20-working day turn around for this going forward


Declarations of Interest


    There were none not already listed on the Register of Interests.


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    The minutes of 26 May 2021 were agreed as an accurate record. Andrew Eyres noted that he welcomed comments on the style of minutes for ongoing use.


Patient/System Stories


    Primary Care Access

    Dr Adrian McLachlan introduced this item on the experience of Primary Care through the corona virus pandemic and briefly highlighted the headline findings of the Annual GP Patient Survey. It was noted that there had been improvements nationally in regard to the overall experience of patients and the ease of access to GP services. It was also noted that GP practices would be drilling down into the local figures.


    Waterloo Health Centre – GP Experience

    Dr George Verghese reported to members on the current experience of practice teams including the variety of challenges faced by practice staff and the typical pressures that the system remained under. Dr Verghese shared some key messages from the Practice team;

    ·           Contact your GP is more than walking to your GP reception and booking an appointment

    ·           Contacting your GP is about contacting the General Practice team (more than a doctor or a nurse)

    ·           Your GP team may be contacting you with an increase in proactive and health promotion workstreams – vaccinations, linkworking, care coordination, multiple long term condition management

    ·           Practices are working more efficiently than ever. Making every contact count and making sure that patients needs are streamed to the most effective professional/service.

    ·           We are busier than ever. Practice teams are offering more appointments than prior to pandemic.


    Covid Management Services – Lambeth GP Federation

    Dr Justin Hayes spoke to members regarding the work of the Lambeth GP Federation and the work they had undertaken in the past 18 months and were progressing for the future:


    The Lambeth GP Federation have helped to implement the following during the past 18 months:

    ·           Hot Covid-19 Clinics

    ·           Hot Home Visiting Service

    ·           Hot Transport Service

    ·           Domiciliary Phlebotomy – Shielding patients

    ·           Community Denosumab

    ·           Covid-19 Frontline Testing

    ·           Remote Monitoring – ARC Health

    ·           Oximeter/Doctaly Project

    ·           Flexible Workforce

    ·           Covid-19 Vaccination Programme


    Work has started on looking at the year ahead and plans include:

    ·           GP Access Hubs

    ·           Covid Management Services

    ·           Nursing Homes APMS

    ·           Lambeth Clinical Effectiveness Group linked to SEL CEG

    ·           Elton John Aids Foundation

    ·           Public Health Improvement Services

    ·           Online Consultations

    ·           Denosumab Outreach

    ·           Covid Vaccine including Booster/Flue Campaign

    ·           Winter Pressures

    ·           GP Federation Flexible Workforce

    ·           PCN Development Programme – Year 3

    ·           Lambeth Together Training Hub – Host (CIC)

    ·           Resilience Support to Member Practices


    Patient Experience – Healthwatch

    Catherine Pearson spoke to members regarding the work of Healthwatch Lambeth:

    ·           It was noted that the number of requests for help with complaints to GP practices has fallen off. This seems to follow the view that patients were supportive of their GP practices

    ·           Very good feedback from a transgender patient on how easy it was to register with their GP

    ·           The national survey shows however that 10-15 % of patients are not reporting a good service. Healthwatch asked to have a practice to help review this with them.

    ·           Some patients have said that they feel that telephone consultations are rushed, and they do not feel listened to. Work needs to be done to make telephone consultations easier and more comfortable to take, especially  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Deep Dive - Sexual Health Change Programme pdf icon PDF 678 KB


    Jennifer Reiter, Teresa Battison, Vikki Pearce, and Maureen Salmon spoke to members regarding the Sexual Health Programme of Change. The following points were highlighted:

    ·           In scope for the Programme of Change:

    o   Integrated sexual health services at GSTT, KCH and LGT

    o   Sexual Health London e-service

    o   Primary care system interface and impacts

    ·           There have been many changes during the contract period

    ·           The initial driver for the programme of change was the forthcoming end of the 3 trust, 5 year contract and the need to review the changes that have occurred during the contract, the Covid-19 pandemic has been the other key driver, we undertook a covid impact assessment and the results will help to inform the review of the contracts.

    ·           Looking forward to creating a new normal and not just going back to pre-pandemic work

    ·           Looking at ICS development and the structural changes to the health and care system over the next year

    ·           Linking in with the government’s strategic agenda – reaching Zero new HIV infections by 2030

    ·           There are several workstreams within the programme for change including Activity and Financial analysis as well as stakeholder engagement which is titled the Future Insights Partnership Project

    ·           The Future Insights Partnership Project will be completed in three phases

    ·           Discovery (February – July)

    ·           Shaping the future (July – November)

    ·           Rapid co-design (November – March)

    ·           Having come to the end of phase 1 we can see that overall patients give 4.28 stars out of 5 as an average rating. Sexual health service staff are caring, friendly and professional and the vast majority of people are very positive about the staff and report high quality care

    ·           Across all of the research strands, access continues to be the biggest single problem, with finding the appropriate service and difficulty in finding consistent and trustworthy information being other problems highlighted

    ·           The summary and next steps include:

    ·           Working to improve access is a continuing priority for services

    ·           A system level solution is proposed

    ·           Whilst the proposal is for a digital solution, there will always be people who won’t use a digital access route

    ·           An SEL platform may help people to find the care they need closer to home


    Questions and comments were invited. The following was noted:

    ·           Sue Gallagher asked, the EDI data that was used to complete the initial survey and how much further work is needed to complete the EDI data. It was noted that not all participants completed the demographic portion of the survey, however, males and people from Black and Minority Ethnic Groups were engaged through specific services that worked in those areas.

    ·           Sue asked as to the extent to which the survey incorporated school age service users and if those views differed from other service users. It was confirmed that there was an under 18 category but that school age children were not explicitly approached.

    ·           Dr Penelope Jarrett noted that GP practices have seen in increase in activity in this area during the pandemic and it was important to capture this  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Lambeth Together - Developing Our Partnership


    Andrew Parker reported to members. The following points were highlighted:

    ·           Reviewing our pledge to adequately address our inequalities is being looked at within a specific piece of work and will be reported on as part of the future EDI work.

    ·           Developing our approach to public involvement. It was noted that earlier in the meeting, there had been a good discussion regarding public involvement and have an understanding of what the next steps will be in this area.

    ·           Extending the membership of the board. We will be formally writing to each delivery alliance to ask for a nomination from their area of work to be one of three voluntary sector representatives on the Lambeth Together Strategic board. In addition to this we will also be contacting each of the trusts and the clinical cabinet to confirm their nominees to the Board.




Lambeth Together Assurance Sub-Group Report pdf icon PDF 599 KB


    Lambeth Together Assurance Sub-Group Report

    Brian Reynolds reported to members on the work of the Assurance group. The following points were highlighted:

    ·           The group will provide the Lambeth Together Strategic Board with dedicated focus on oversight and assurance including a focus on the Lambeth Covid-19 recovery plan and how this is being implemented.

    ·           The first meeting of the group has now taken place with good attendance.

    ·           Recommendation to agree the Terms of Reference with a view to review in 6 months.



Lambeth Together Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Group Report pdf icon PDF 701 KB


    Dr Dianne Aitken and Juliet Amoa reported to members. The following points were highlighted:

    ·           The group members have met with the South East London NHS Anchors Network in relation to retention and recruitment.

    ·           Working group discussion has been around moving ahead in Lambeth, embracing the commitment of local politicians and work in progress. It was decided that there should be a Lambeth Together recruitment audit for NHS band 8 & above and equivalent staff across all partnership organisations.

    ·           A task and finish group to be implemented to focus on the metrics and data needed to measure and support Alliance objectives on health/care inequalities.

    ·           Two EDI development workshops have been completed.

    ·           As part of the workshops the Lambeth Together Pledge was looked at. It was noted that the pledge is a good place to start, but that is what should be focussed on the following recommendations were put forward:

    o   The current Lambeth Together should assertively embrace EDI.

    o   The use of the Cultural Web should be continued to advance Lambeth Together’s ambitions

    o   The refreshed pledge to be signed off by the Lambeth Together Strategic Board after final engagement with programme partners

    o   Lambeth Together may look at setting up its own reciprocal mentoring programme


    Questions and comments were invited from members on all items included in item 6.


    ·           Dr Penelope Jarrett noted on EDI that it was important to have data and metrics and to understand the remit of the audit mentioned in the presentation.

    ·           Cllr Lucy Caldicott asked if it was assumed that the purpose of the EDI group is to reduce health inequalities or is it more linked to internal culture change. It was noted that culture change is needed to make the changes, and this is the start. Ultimately it is about how our services are accessed and delivered.

    ·           Sue Gallagher recognised the importance of anchor institutions in reaching out to recruit people in the local communities and to help us build a suitably diverse and mixed workforce.


    Andrew Eyres welcomed to update and recognised that there remained a lot of work to be done. The proposals outlined in the recommendations are an important starting point



SEL Integrated Care System (ICS) - Update and Next Steps pdf icon PDF 378 KB

    Additional documents:


    Andrew Eyres reported to members. The following points were highlighted:

    ·           The white paper has now been put before parliament and will be reviewed over the summer.

    ·           The white paper commits to a more strategic and less transactional approach.

    ·           Work has been done on clarifying our priorities and principles for how we want to work together as an integrated system.

    ·           System working, pooling our knowledge and insight, making collective decisions, allocating and using resources differently, and a partnership model for transforming our services.

    ·           Work ongoing looking at how we want to work in place and in the collaborative and also as a single system of systems.

    ·           The timetable remains the same, with attention focussed on some of the key governance and institutional arrangements for our systems over the next few months.

    ·           Place arrangements like Lambeth Together are at the forefront of the thinking


    Andrew Eyres asked for comments and questions.

    ·           Dr Penelope Jarrett noted that it was reassuring to know that Lambeth through Andrew’s role is part of the SEL decision making.

    ·           Dr Jarrett asked about resourcing. It was confirmed that there are no formal savings targets mentioned in the guidance associated with organisational change with the move to ICS addition there is an employment guarantee available to CCG staff.

    ·           However, there may well be some significant wider financial challenges ahead for the heat and care system as a result of the pandemic.


Date of Next Meeting


    Councillor Ed Davie stated that he will be focusing his time on Children’s Social Care and Education and Councillor Jess Lee will take a lead on health issues and will attend the Lambeth Together Strategic Board going forward. Councillor Davie thanked all members for their support over the past few years. Andrew Eyres thanked Councillor Ed Davie for his extensive leadership to improve and health and reduce health inequality in Lambeth including as a member the Lambeth Together Strategic Board.


    Action to invite Cllr Jess Leigh to future LTSB Meetings


    Andrew Eyres noted that Tom Barrett – Lambeth Together Programme Lead has moved onto a role within Public Health and the Covid response. Taking Tom’s position will be Sophie Taylor who will make a fantastic addition to the Lambeth Together Programme. It was also noted that at the recent Lambeth Council Staff Awards, Sophie has been awarded the inspiring leadership award. Amongst the other winners were the Public Health Team as team of the year and also the Kings College Hospital discharge team received a special recognition ward for the work that they have done over the past year.


    The next Lambeth Together Strategic Board will take place on Wednesday 29th September 1 – 5pm