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Health and Wellbeing Board - Thursday 11 February 2021 6.00 pm

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Minutes of Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 328 KB

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    To approve the minutes of the previous meeting.





    That the minutes of the previous meeting held on 15 October be approved and signed by the Chair as a correct record of the proceedings.



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    Cllr Adilypour introduced this item, which was a joint project between Lambeth Council, South London and Maudsley NHS Trust (SLaM) and Citizens UK. South London Listens formed part of an overall plan to protect and promote the mental well-being of residents and communities given the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The projects aim was to engage with, and learn from, the community and their experiences during lockdown, allowing local people to shape priorities and actions being incorporated into neighbourhood, borough and sector wide mental health prevention strategies. 

    In June 2020 an event hosted jointly by SLaM and Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark Councils was held. There was recognition of impact of Covid-19 on local communities, including evidence of disproportionate health, economic and social impacts on BAME and socioeconomically disadvantaged communities.

    South London listens was created with the aim of protecting and promote the mental health and well-being of the community, especially the most vulnerable.

    Six ambitions had been set out based on consensus emerging from the event. These being:

    Reducing social isolation and loneliness and creating conditions for greater community involvement

    Helping people at risk of losing their jobs cope

    Addressing housing insecurity and environment

    Supporting communities and groups who experience disadvantage

    Supporting families, children and young people

    Developing a long term joined up approach to prevention

    A follow up event had been launched in November 2020, hosted jointly by south London Boroughs and SLaM. The campaign across South London had received the support of by all south London councils and mental health trusts.

    There was an objective to activate communities and ensure that concerns of, and mobilisation by, residents and community organisations would be front and centre of plans to achieve ambitions. There was an emphasis on ensuring that the voices of BAME and other disadvantaged communities were heard and incorporated to ensure relevancy and tackle persisting inequalities

    The South London Listens Campaign also sought to build leadership capacity of community representatives and organisations. SLaM had partnered with Citizens UK to support coordination of the campaign across south London. Citizens UK was a national organisation committed to empowering communities to address the issues that matter to them.

    South London Citizens had been providing on the ground support to listening programme on behalf of London Citizens UK chapter. This listening campaign had been extended until 28 February 2021. Citizens UK were encouraging Lambeth residents and community organisations to participate by hosting their own listening meetings with people are part of their networks and the attendees were encouraged to get involved.

    The Chair gave his thanks to the speakers. There would be a need to learn and adapt from experience of Covid. He asked members of the Board if they had any questions or comments.

    The Board said that co-production and mental health listening events could do more harm than good if they were not done correctly. There was a need to ensure that those attending were aware that actions would take time to implement in order to prevent community perception that  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Covid-19 Vaccination Programme pdf icon PDF 602 KB


    Ruth Hutt, Director of Public Health, introduced this item saying that an open discussion around vaccinations was the aim.

    Bimpe Oki, Public Health consultant noted that a range of speakers had been asked to contribute to this discussion. The vaccine was being rolled out and was one of the tools to get through the pandemic. Strong community leaders would be needed to ensure that take up was successful.

    Bimpe introduced the first of the speakers. Rachel Rose-Burrell, who was the head of the wellbeing service at Ruach City Church in Brixton.

    Rachel noted that with any new medication there were risks and benefits. She said that 143 people had died after taking the vaccine and further deaths had been reported in Norway. She also raised concerns about Bells Paulsey and Lipid Nanoparticle.

    Rachel said that the benefits of the vaccine may well overweight the risks but there was a risk of misinformation. There was a need for authorities to listen and work with local leaders.



    Bea Banda – Local Service Manager, Sanctuary Supported Living

    Bea said that Sanctuary had lost two residents in April to Covid. There had also been an outbreak the previous year. Covid had resulted in flu like symptoms for those affected and people had lost their appetite and senses of smell and taste. She said taking the vaccine protected her and her residents. Seeing people die was heart-breaking and it was important for people in the BAME community to realise the importance of the vaccine.


    Dr Francis Labinjo – New Testament Church of God, Brixton Hill

    Dr Francls Labinjo was a Minister in the Church and also a psychiatrist leading on welfare in the church. He said that he had been in the front line of the outbreak and seen the anguish that it caused. He said that some media was being used to create fear in the black community and that the messages were not getting through loud enough with more black leaders needed to promote the vaccine.


    Cllr Marinna Masters spoke as a person who was clinically extremely vulnerable. 

    Cllr Master had taken the vaccine and reported that the service was extremely professional with everything being made clear. She said people had a duty to protect themselves and also those around them.

    Cllr Masters urged those that were called to get vaccinated.

    The Chair thanked speakers and asked the board for any comment or questions.

    Cllr Davie said he found the discussion very useful and noted that black residents had been disproportionally affected by Covid. Black residents were twice as likely to die but were half as likely to have the vaccine.

    There was a need to listen to concerns and allay fears. There was a need to be challenged and it was good to hear different views. An attempt had been made to offer space during the process to answer questions and concerns.

    It was noted that the reluctance to take up the vaccine in the black community was down to a number  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Consultation of the draft Lambeth Food Poverty and Insecurity Action Plan (2021-2024) pdf icon PDF 441 KB


    Bimpe Oki, Public Health consultant and Vida Cunningham xxx gave an update of the Lambeth Food Poverty Action Plan and consultation.

    Bimpe noted that this was a very important issue for Lambeth and that poor quality food should not have an impact on children. Work had been taking place over the past few years and the Plan was a way to consolidate this work.

    Every resident in Lambeth should have the opportunity to get enough food of good quality to achieve good health.

    Covid 19 had brought in a different discussion and there had been a need to serve a broader range of people included families and those shielding.

    A sustainable system was needed. Work was being done with employers in the Borough who were operating the London Living Wage.

    The consultation would end on 22 February 2021 and it was planned that this would be launched in April. The Action Plan was on the website. A webinar with Healthwatch would be run and an invite to contribute to this was given.


    The Plan was noted and approved.



Director of Public Health reports pdf icon PDF 1 MB

    Additional documents:


    Two Public Health reports were provided (Quarter three, and 6 months April-Sept 2020). These were taken as read and the Chair asked the Board if there were any questions.

    Cllr Davie noted the great work that had been done and gave his praise and thanks to officers. He asked if more investment could be given to Lorraine Hewitt House and other places and asked for detail about the service providing Long Acting Contraception  (LARC).

    Ruth Hutt said that efforts were being made to improve access to LARC with a targeted offer to reach the most vulnerable women.

    Ruth noted that Pharmacies were doing great work.

    Ruth said she would double check about Lorraine Hewitt house position and noted that it was not at that time clear what the Public Health Grant was. She noted the vital work that was being done by the substance misuse team. The services were due to be inspected and any recommendations would be fed back.




    Ruth Hutt to check on the status of Lorraine Hewitt House and to feed back any recommendations from the service inspections.


Lambeth Children's Partnership update pdf icon PDF 290 KB



    The Children’s Partnership update was noted.