Declarations of interest


Meeting:  Thursday 8 February 2007 7.00 pm - Norwood Area Committee (expired on 25.05.07)

9. Norwood Planning Issues (Report 324/06-07)

  • Councillor Andrew Gibson - Personal and Prejudicial - Councillor Andrew Gibson declared an interest but remained in the room and took part in the debate on the Vale Street and Cawnpore Street items which he indicated he would not be part of the Planning Applications Committee which took the decision on these items.

Meeting:  Tuesday 8 May 2007 7.00 pm - Planning Applications Committee (replaced by PAC 1 and PAC A on 25.05.07)

5. St Saviours College, 110 Hamilton Road, SE27 (Gipsy Hill Ward)

  • Councillor Andrew Gibson - Personal - Councillor Andrew Gibson stated that when the St Saviours College application was initially submitted he had, along with his ward colleagues, advertised a consultation meeting on the application. He had consulted with Legal Officers and they had confirmed that this did not create a prejudicial interest. The members of the Committee and officers stated that in relation to the St Saviours College application one of the objectors who had been present at the site visit was known to them as a former Planning Officer in Lambeth.