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Declarations of Interest


    Councillors Suzanne Poole and Graham Pycock declared an interest as members of the Upper Norwood Joint Library Committee.


    Councillor Andrew Gibson declared an interest on item 9 but remained in the room and took part in the debate on the Vale Street and Cawnpore Street items which he indicated he would not be part of the Planning Applications Committee which took the decision on these items.


Minutes (09.11.06) pdf icon PDF 49 KB




    That the minutes of the previous meeting held on 9th November 2006 be approved and signed by the Chair as a correct record of the proceedings.


    It was announced that the Friends of Norwood Park would have their Annual General Meeting at the Little Starz in Benton’s Lane at 18:00 on 13th Match 2007 when the final draft Management Plan for the Park would be discussed.


Public Notice Question (Report 318/06-07) pdf icon PDF 29 KB


Area Committee Attendance (Report 319/06-07) pdf icon PDF 22 KB


Old Library Management Committee (Report 320/06-07) pdf icon PDF 75 KB


    The Assistant Director, Children and Young Peoples Service (CYPS), introduced the report with an apology for the absence of a member of staff at the previous meeting.  He stated that the Old Library and Norwood Library were both priorities for CYPS.


    The Youth and Play Service Manager followed with an explanation of the response to the enquiries put forward by the Committee at the previous meeting.  CYPS, together with West Norwood Community Development (WNCD), was working on a clear strategy for the Old Library to progress developments, generate income and activity.  An adequate feasibility study will be carried out before progress is made on the Community Interest Company and this is projected to be completed by the end of February.  Attempts had been made to try to engage the community in the future developments of the Old Library Committee (OLC), and although this had failed new attempts were being made.  Reference was made to the activities at the OLC.  Expenditure and income for 2006-2007 were projected at £164.000.  Open Days will take place on 27th and 28th April 2007.


    In response to questions they informed the committee:

    • Before increasing activities at the Old Library it is vital to deal with the staff issue.
    • CYPS are keen to ensure a 60 percent community use and a 40 percent commercial use of the Old Library as planned, as well as serving young people.
    • It was unclear as to whether the virtual school running in the daytime had a negative impact on the number of visitors to the Old Library during the day.  This issue was being addressed by ensuring sufficient and experienced staff and reopening the space.


    RESOLVED:  To note the report and request a report to the May meeting to provide further information on the progress and financial details of the Old Library.


Upper Norwood Joint Library (Report 321/06-07) pdf icon PDF 27 KB


    The Head of Libraries, Archives and Arts presented the report.  Upper Norwood Joint Library is unique in being an independent library, funded jointly by Lambeth and Croydon since 1898. However, there are no formal agreements for the funding structure between the two authorities and a specific amount has been provided by each authority each year.  Since 2004 Lambeth has increased the funding for the library by 35%.  Croydon has not matched this with a similar increase but has provided the same amount since 1989.  The local community is becoming increasingly concerned of the sustainability of the library.


    In response to Members questions, the Head of Libraries, Archives and Arts clarified:

    • That Lambeth council was trying to take over some of the services currently provided to the library by Croydon, for instance HR support, and although this was only at the investigating stage, it was a sign that Lambeth was trying to do as much as possible for the library.
    • It was also pointed out that although Lambeth would not be increasing its funding to the library this year, as it was not increasing funding to any library, more pressure was being put on Croydon to supply more funding, and that a basis on which to agree a formal joint budget had to be built between the two authorities.


    In response to questions from Members the Chair clarified:

    • The Upper Norwood Joint Library is a Library Authority and is therefore covered by the 1964 Libraries Act.  If someone were to challenge the Authority for failing to carry out its duties under the 1964 Act then it was believed the responsibility for doing so would fall upon Lambeth and Croydon.


    RESOLVED: To note the report.


Truancy and School Exclusions (Report 322/06-07) pdf icon PDF 37 KB


    The Head of Exclusions, Reintegration and Attendance Service presented the report, explaining the data for truancy and school exclusions in more detail.  The data show low levels of truancy within the Norwood area, compared with the borough as a whole.  Generally, there is a low level of exclusions within the Norwood Area.  The area also has attendance levels which are above average within Lambeth.  She furthermore highlighted the range of initiatives and strategies used to combat truancy and exclusions, including early intervention support, Youth Inclusion Support Panel and Exclusions (YISP), Reintegration and Attendance Service.  These would ensure a consistent system to deal with truancy and exclusions within the area.


    In response to questions the committee was informed:

    • There is an issue concerning the large number of pupils attending schools outside the Norwood area.  The cross borough protocols that exist are not as successful as they could be due to staff levels in the unit and sheer numbers of pupils.  The Department for Education and Skills had identified this problem and was reviewing the protocols.
    • Lambeth’s approach is to work closely with families to avoid truancy and exclusions, however, the borough is under pressure to introduce penalties.  Fixed penalties combined with continued work with families as a measure to combat truancy and exclusions, has been successful. It is hoped that these actions will produce successful results also in the future.
    • There is a Restorative Justice Co-ordinator training teachers and teaching assistants and the training is now being rolled out further.  The member of staff has now been in post a year and has been successful in resolving difficulties between pupils or between pupils and teachers which previously would have resulted in exclusions. Schools which have previously been sceptical are coming to appreciate the approach.


    In response to questions the Assistant Director Inclusion and Standards clarified:

    • As a measure to reintegrate excluded pupils, the Pupil Referral Unit, has assisted around 80 pupils.  The PRU is providing support to pupils and has been successful in the reintegration process. The success rate in this is higher amongst younger pupils.  The PRU is also working with schools to prevent exclusions.


    RESOLVED: To note the report.


Norwood Planning Issues (Report 324/06-07) pdf icon PDF 54 KB


    In introducing this item the Interim Team Leader Planning (South) stressed that this item was for information only and that if people wanted any further information on any of the items he could be contacted on 020 7926 2224 or  He then updated the committee on the latest position with each site.

    • Chapel Road site – an outline application has been received but there is no date for the item to go to the Planning Applications Committee.
    • Knights Hill Tennis Court site – an outline application has been received with three options.  There have been pre application discussions but there was not enough information with the application to allow it to be assessed, so more detail was being sought.
    • Cawpore Street – is to go to Planning Applications Committee on 20th February 2007 and there will be a site visit on 10th February 2007.
    • St Saviour’s - the application has been received and is for 89 dwellings between 2 and five stories and negotiations are taking place with registered social landlords for the dwellings to be affordable housing.  More information was being sought so the application could be assessed.
    • Norwood Park School – the Pupil Referral Unit was considered by Planning Applications Committee on 9th January 2007 and was approved with conditions.
    • Vale Street – the application has been received but there is no date yet for the matter to go to Planning Applications Committee.
    • Jack Stamps pub – the application by Tesco has been withdrawn.


    In response to questions from Members and the public the Interim Team Leader South clarified that:

    • When a planning application is received it is allocated a reference number and is then technically and qualitatively assessed and if all the information needed is provided it is valid and then goes out to consultation.  If something is missing it is invalidated and the agents are informed.
    • Documentation for all applications received and valid should be available in the Library, at Phoenix House and on-line.  He is aware of some difficulties and has reported these to have them resolved.
    • The size of the consultation will depend upon the size of the application.
    • Lambeth receives about 4,000 applications a year.  The smaller applications go to a fast-track team, major applications to the Major Projects Team and the rest split amongst the North and South Team according to location of the application.
    • With the Knights Hill application the first consideration would be the loss of tennis courts whilst with the Vale Street application negotiations are on-going to get the Multi-Use Games Area replaced.
    • The level of Section 106 money negotiated from a development must be reasonable and discussions have taken place with the community about what the money received from a development might be spent upon.


    RESOLVED: To note the information contained within the report.


Comunities First (Report 260/06-07and tabled paper from Councillor Pycock) pdf icon PDF 96 KB


    The report was introduced by the Deputy Leader of the Council and the Assistant Director Area Services, Regeneration and Housing.  This report sets out a framework to deliver against the Council’s priority outcomes within the Corporate Plan concerning the delivery of high quality services that focus on

    • Individuals’ needs and represent value for money
    • Tackling inequality and social exclusion
    • Engaging more closely with Lambeth’s citizens so that people’s needs are listened to and acted upon.


    The report proposed:

    • Replacing the Council’s town centre forum and area committee structures with a new community consultation structure at the town centre level.
    • Placing an increased emphasis upon community engagement through local community/neighbourhood bodies, and;
    • Strengthening the role of the Ward Councillor. 


    The purpose of the report is to initiate consultation with partners and stakeholders, which will pave the way for a further and more detailed report that will be submitted to Council prior to the introduction of the new arrangements and by April 2007.  Initial discussions have taken place with the Leaders of the three main political groups on Lambeth Council and further work will be undertaken with elected members to further develop and shape the concepts surrounding the Frontline Ward Member role.


    Councillor Graham Pycock introduced his tabled report which stated:

    • There is no critique of the current devolved structure and the case for its abolition is not made.
    • There is little indication of how the assembly will be formed or work.
    • There has been a lot of work to clarify the roles of the Forum and Area Committee and increase engagement of them with the community.
    • Moving away from devolved structures will reduce the impact of backbench Councillors.
    • No mention is made of the proposal to allow Parish Councils in London and the paper goes against the moves amongst all three political parties to increase devolution.


    Members of the public said they found the report on the agenda unclear, querying whether people in Norwood would know what, in simple terms, is being proposed and Members highlighted engagement with the local community they had been involved in.


    The Chair MOVED and it was SECONDED:


    That the Overview and Scrutiny Committee convenes an all-party commission to review the Council’s Constitution, with a view to devolved arrangements for increasing democratic participation, improving community engagement and raising standards of service delivery.  This commission to be informed by, local consultation, the Lyons report on local government finance and the Local Government Act when in place.


    The Chair put the matter to the vote and:


    For                  4


    Against           0


    Abstained      1


    The chair also sought to engage the view of the public present and:


    For                  9


    Against           0


    Abstained      2


    The Chair MOVED and it was SECONDED:


    That the Cabinet defer implementation of Communities First for further consideration including the incorporation of the findings of the commission proposed above.


    The Chair put the matter to the vote and:


    For                  4


    Against           0


    Abstained      1


    The chair also sought to engage the view of the public present  ...  view the full minutes text for item 9.


Regeneration Delivery Plan: Future Lambeth (Report 209/06-07) pdf icon PDF 17 KB

    Additional documents:




    During the discussion of this item, the guillotine fell at 9.00pm.


    MOVED by the Chair, and:


    RESOLVED: That in accordance with Standing Order 9.5, the meeting continue for a further period of up to half an hour.


    The Interim Divisional Director Regeneration & Enterprise introduced the item saying the purpose was to get investment into the Borough as consultations had shown that people view Lambeth as being shabby so it needs investment.


    In response to questions from the public and Members the Interim Divisional Director Regeneration & Enterprise clarified:

    • The Third Sector is important to the strategy and she has been working with Lambeth Voluntary Sector Council, particularly around buildings in public ownership, surplus to requirements, which may have other use.
    • There has been interest in the MDO 49 site but she is not able to say who from at this stage.


    RESOLVED: To note the report.


Provisional Revenue Capital Budgets 2007-08 (Report 273/06-07) and tabled paper from Councillor Pycock pdf icon PDF 145 KB


Town Centre Management update (Report 323/06-07) pdf icon PDF 60 KB

    Additional documents:


    The Norwood Town Centre Manager introduced the report highlighting activity since the last meeting on:

    • MDO 49 planning brief
    • Progress on the Farmers Markets
    • Capital Projects
    • Norwood Forum on Elm Green School and
    • The public meeting on Community Safety organised by Councillor Malone.


    In response to questions from the public he clarified:

    • Libraries were looking into access to the Nettlefold Hall as part of their capital programme.


    The Deputy Leader announced that there would be a public meeting on the 68 Bus Stand at the Upper Hall, Norwood Library on 21st February 2007 at 19:15.